NFL Monday Night Football at the Superbook VIP Sports Club

Sunday, October 17 2010 @ 02:13 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for - The Superbook VIP Sports Club continues their weekly specials and promotions for the NFL Monday Night Football games. Amazingly, all four teams in the AFC South are tied at 3-2, and this week the Tennessee Titans are on the road to face the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are 6-2 at home on Monday Night. They give away $500 every week to the person who can correctly guess the final score of the game. However if nobody guesses correctly the prize money rolls over to the following week, and no one has been able to predict the correct final score for the past two weeks. That means this week the prize has accumulated up to $1,500 dollars. To participate, you get two tickets for each bucket of Miller beer that you buy (six beers for $12 bucks.) You have to guess the correct final score of the Monday night game. All tickets have to be turned in by five minutes left to play in the third quarter. If there's more than one winner then the prize money is split between those who guessed correctly. In addition they will also have 25 cent chicken wings all night long, So, come on down to the Superbook VIP Sports Club where you "win today, get paid today."

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