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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 09:15 PM UTC

Panaviacion - Flight Design CTLS On Floats Available

Travel & TourismThere's some good news for people who love small islands and hidden beaches: The Flight Design Light Sport CTLS aircraft is now available with floats! Represented in the Republic of Panama by PANAVIACION Corp., the exclusive distributor for the best-selling light sport aircraft, Flight Design has now made the CLTS available with floats and wheels for all of those countries that have a lot of coastline or lakes, like Panama. In this configuration the CLTS is capable of landing on both water and runways. Here's how it looks:

The Flight Design CLTS with floats. (Photo: Airtime Aviation Inc.)

Enhanced Capabilities: This latest extension makes the best-selling CTLS even more attractive and useful. It adds approximately 32,000 EUR to the pricetag, a decent increase for the benefits you get:

  • Accessibility to islands, coasts, beaches and lakes;

  • Independence from runways;

Contact Information: For more information or details, please contact:


Mobile 6455 1304


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