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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 08:55 PM EDT

You Can Watch The Entire "Wild Bill" Dateline NBC Program Online

Expat Tales By DON WINNER for - If you missed the program last night, if your cable TV provider doesn't have the NBC channel, or if you live out in the sticks somewhere - you can see the entire Dateline NBC program about the serial killers William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese online. Just surf to - where they have the program divided up into several segments. Thanks to Susan for providing the link.

Additional Video: I just noticed that there are some video clips on the website that didn't make it into the show. So, even if you watched the program you might want to check out the stuff that's available on the website, anyway.

My Observations and Comments: First of all, I think Kate Snow, the producers and editors from Dateline NBC, as well as the cameramen and sound guys, did a great job on this story. They told it in a compelling manner, over time as the information and details unfolded, and it goes to show what a top-notch crew can do with funding and talent. A couple of little tweaky details made me cringe (slightly), mostly just because I am so familiar with the minutia and details, and in any case those were mostly things related to editorial decisions so who am I to second guess the experienced professionals at NBC. They "got it right." I was a little disappointed the program didn't clearly emphasize Jeff Kline was murdered in Costa Rica in 2006 - even though Holbert himself admitted on tape of having killed Kline, and burying him under this house (in Costa Rica) before moving to Panama. I think the Costa Rica angle is critical, because I believe eventually there will be about six additional victims unearthed there. Anyway, this Dateline story will go a long way to bringing these events to the forefront of a much greater audience - and a story that has been for the most part ignored by the national media until now. So, great job guys.

Copyright 2010 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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You Can Watch The Entire "Wild Bill" Dateline NBC Program Online | 6 comments | Create New Account
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You Can Watch The Entire "Wild Bill" Dateline NBC Program Online
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, October 23 2010 @ 11:31 AM EDT

Don..I'm glad for you telling it like it is on Dateline. The focus was Cher and Bo but if it wasn't for their murders you would of not found out about Jeff. But as I to agree no info on 2006 brutal murder of Jeff and finding Jeff in 2007 under the cement. Thus Jeff being the start or part of this crime way. Yes Costa Rica still not on the ball with there investigation..Maybe like you said something of this will get them going? As the days go by I just think of how HOLBERTS next lie will be, Waiting to see if you do get your interview? This migtht get you in for it. In all this was okay except more on Jeff would of been more frosting on the cake. I give it a rate of 1-10 a (8). The dog and you were the hero's in this story. It was hard to watch this for me and I'm sure other family members. But what I got out of this is People know now and we so far have not FORGOTTEN all of the victims and families, Until later be safe and Thank You for finding Jeffrey......Steve RIP/Jeffrey,Cher,Bo, and Browns and if there is other Victims may you be found.

You Can Watch The Entire \"Wild Bill\" Dateline NBC Program Online
Authored by: oldmanandthesea on Saturday, October 23 2010 @ 07:42 PM EDT

Don, you da man. There are three phony would be journalists in Panama, Eric Jackson and Okke Ornstein and some clown up in Chiriqui who have poo poohed your contribution to bringing Wild Bill to justice plus that other clown, Jerry Hall. They can take this Dateline story and stick it right up their collective asses ........ sideways.

Clyde Jenkins

You Can Watch The Entire \"Wild Bill\" Dateline NBC Program Online
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, October 24 2010 @ 04:07 PM EDT

Last Christmas two men around 65 years from my home country Austria disappeared in Puerto Jimenez in Costa Rica. The family found a stranger sitting in the men`s house, using their car and spending their credit card money. On the walls they found blood overpainted with fresh whitening. The police arrested the man but set him free after some days. Almost a year past and this case has not been investigated any further. And there are so many more open cases of disappeared foreigners.

The justice system in Costa Rica is terribly inactive...and it seems they are on purpose! It looks better for the statistic of a touristic jewel to have an "extranjero" reported as missing instead of murdered. After the terrible story of Jeffrey Kline I called friends from three local newspapers and asked them to report more on that and get witnesses awakened. They all told me the same: "We have to be cautious with those things, readers should not get scared to visit our country..."...bullshit...whenever the press is becoming the a marionette of the ministers of justice or tourism there is something wrong. The press should serve only the public interest.

I also have a feeling there are some more victims burried in CR killed by Holbert and his wife. But will those cases ever been investigated properly?

P.S. After watching the Dateline report: Don, In case you get the permission for the Holbert-interview: Could you please ask him why he has sent a fake message (sms) to Cher's husband Keith telling him what so ever about sailing..? If Keith really would have been his contracting body Holbert would never have had a reason to do this.

You Can Watch The Entire \"Wild Bill\" Dateline NBC Program Online
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, October 24 2010 @ 04:17 PM EDT

I, too, appreciated the link and watched it yesterday. I posted it on a Costa Rica forum, and have a couple of inquires and passed them over to your website.
Why don't you contact or write an article for about the Costa Rica connection and the possible victims in Jaco?
Good luck and thanks for a job well done.

You Can Watch The Entire \"Wild Bill\" Dateline NBC Program Online
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, October 29 2010 @ 08:00 AM EDT

! watched the Dateline and the Jail House interview on the spanish news. I believe this guy is telling the truth that he was a contracted hit man . A lot of this stuff doesn't add up and I don't think he is a serial killer as the press would like us to believe.As a former expat I used to live in Belize and know all to well about the criminal organizations of expats in Central America.I firmly believe from what Ive been seeing on the news that this guy was slowly being groomed to be the fall guy for the carteleros gringos in Bocas. I'm wondering if there is any connection to Klein in Costa Rica to the deceased or other influential people in Bocas. Also there was plenty of time to plant evidence inside the house while he was on the run. Do those teeth have any connection to the bodies that were found on the property?