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Monday, June 24 2019 @ 11:45 PM UTC

New Technology Brings Home Security Within Reach of All Homeowners

Safety & Security By: Alain Mulaire, president Grupo PanaGuard - Traditionally, alarm systems were the purview of wealthy home owners or businesses. They were expensive to purchase, difficult to install and involved recurring monthly monitoring fees. How times have changed. New technology has drastically reduced the upfront cost, complexity and ongoing operating costs of alarm security systems. Here is an overview of how this technology has revolutionized the business:

  • Alarm systems are now massed-produced, dramatically reducing their cost, and improving their reliability.

  • Systems now use radio waves to communicate between the sensors that are placed throughout the home and the main control panel. In “the bad old days”, professional installers had to fish wire throughout the house, trying to conceal the wires within the walls, door frames and ceilings. This was very difficult, and discouraged many homeowners from installing a security system. Today, sensors feature their own radio that transmits the information to the panel. The built-in battery lasts about 6 months, so there is little maintenance to worry about.

  • Alarm systems feature their own built-in telephone dialer, and voice chip. This means that when the alarm is triggered, the system will call up to 6 phone numbers in sequence, and play a pre-recorded emergency message. Program your cellphone number, the phone numbers of friends, neighbors etc…Many control panels feature a built-in microphone, that allows you to “listen-in” on the house, and identify weather the situation is an intrusion, or simply a false alarm.

  • Other niceties include keychain remotes (just like those available for cars). Walk up to the house, and press the disarm button before entering. It’s much easier than running into the house in order to enter a deactivation code (especially with several bags of groceries in hand). New “pet immune” sensors are also available. These sensors are not triggered by pets moving throughout the home.

  • The emergence of cellular technology has given way to alarm systems that feature built-in GSM cellphones. This provides home owners that do have access to a traditional landline to the same levels of security. Using prepaid chips from either Digicel or Movistar, ongoing communication charges are negligible, about $15/year. This is a crucial feature for anyone living in rural Panama, as landlines are few and far between.

Recent criminal activity has brought community focus on this issue. A home alarm system, along with other security measures, is a key component in one’s overall security strategy.

Other important measures include: lighting, perimeter fencing, landscape planning (avoiding places for thieves to hide), physical barriers (bars on windows), properly trained watch dogs, vigilant neighbors and discretion.

We Can Help: PanaGuard is a Panama-based provider of security solutions, for home, business and car. Our main office is located in La VIlla de Los Santos. We have installation technicians in Los Santos, Boquete and Panama City. We can design a custom system for your individual needs, and you will find our prices to be among the most competitive in the market. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more detailed information or a price quote. PanaGuard - 6939-2315, via email or visit our website at

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New Technology Brings Home Security Within Reach of All Homeowners
Authored by: robinsare on Sunday, November 28 2010 @ 01:05 PM UTC

I had the system installed in my Puerto Armualles home. The technician was on time, friendly, spoke English and insisted on double checking everything. The price was reasonable. I recommend the company.