Panamanian Moving Back to Panama From The US

Thursday, November 18 2010 @ 11:45 am EST

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for - Received today via email: "Greetings. I'm a Panamanian looking to move back to Panama. What are the possibilities of me getting a job within the computer or networking field, and what companies would I send my resume to? Thanks in advance. Currently contracting with IBM / Lenovo. Luis"

You'll Get A Job, Probably Making Less: As a Panamanian citizen you can work in Panama with no problem, doing whatever. With a computer and networking background there's going to be a demand for your skills. However, expect to make a much lower monthly salary than you're probably making now in the United States. Try looking into one of the placement companies like, and good luck. You also might want to consider starting your own company.

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