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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 03:30 AM UTC

Food Drive at El Rey this Weekend for Malambo Orphanage

Groups & OrganizationsPANAMA — This coming weekend and next, shower yourself in how good it feels to help a child. Join the hundreds of El Rey clients who already started shopping a little extra to feed and supply the children of Malambo Orphanage. Your last chances to participate are:
Friday Nov 26th El Rey, Albrook 4-7pm
Saturday, Nov 27th El Rey, Albrook OR El Dorado 1-5pm
Friday, Dec 3rd El Rey, Albrook OR Calle 50 4-7pm
Saturday, Dec 4th El Rey, Albrook OR Calle 50 1-5pm

Besitos de Mariposa (Butterfly Kisses)are who's making this happen. They're a new non-profit organization, who have dedicated themselves to bettering the lives in need at the orphanage known as Hogar San Jose de Malambo. Besitos de Mariposa volunteers make regular, personal connection with the babies left behind – a task normally reserved for orphanage staff, and one too few jump to perform.

Malambo in Arrijan, surges with as many as 160 mouths to feed at any given time with food costs a daunting $32,000 per year. While inflation creeps in, their annual $127,000 subsidy from the Ministry of Social Development has remained the same for the last 15 years. According to Sister Lourdes who runs the orphanage, it does not even provide for half the children’s needs – leaving them greatly dependent on the kindness of donations.

“For me growing up with the good fortune of loving parents and never going without has made me want to advocate for the children I love at Malambo. I never want to see them crave attention, be hungry or go without in a world that has so much it could give.” says Wynter Rosen, the volunteer who leads her 'butterflies'.

Quarterly, Besitos de Mariposa organize a food and supply drive for Malambo. They are now active with volunteers in El Rey stores Albrook, Calle 50 and El Dorado for two more weekends. “This is only our second drive” explains Brooke Hawley, an original volunteer, “This past weekend we were really short bodies to help steer clients to the donation carts. People were super kind though. We managed to average one full shopping cart for every hour and a half we were there! If we can get the word out and have more volunteers, I know we can make a bigger difference for these kids.”

To show these children some love with your support, the process to donate is simple: Go to El Rey and purchase from the needs-driven list of items that can be found in stores with one of the volunteers near the cash register. As you exit the store, deposit your donated item(s) in the allocated donation cart. Besitos de Mariposa will do the rest.
If you cannot make it to the El Rey, several local businesses have joined in the drive with collection boxes onsite. A list of needed items is on the Besitos de Mariposa website].

You can drop your donation item off at: Pan y Canela (Ciudad del Saber), Super Gourmet (Casco Viejo), Chic Papier (Bella Vista), Panama Sol Realty (Coronado Mall), Promises (San Francisco), Dgriss Art Gallery (Edif Torres del America), Auto Shine (Via Porras) or Bhappy (Calle Israel).

Monetary contributions may be made by deposits in the general fund for the San Jose de Malambo Orphanage Banco General account number 03-06-01-000724-2.

Editor's Comment: Caution: This article was submitted by "anonymous" and I have not had time to verify the information or confirm that this bank account or the money deposited will actually go to this or any other charity. I have no reason to believe otherwise, but heads up anyway. Comments end, article continues.

Please open your heart and help fill a shopping cart – giving a young, innocent life a better start. It'll make you feel really, really good!

Thank you for your support!

Besitos From the Volunteers of Besitos de Mariposa

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