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Sunday, June 16 2019 @ 11:45 AM UTC

Tips and Donations to Panama-Guide via PayPal

What is PG?By DON WINNER for - Today someone suggested that I should put a "tip jar" on the website somewhere; "Just an opinion - you should put in a tip jar with pay pal. Might be surprised by a tip or two. Thanks for all your hard work here. Was there for years, but now am out of Panama a lot and it's even more appreciated." OK, why not? If you would like to give us a tip or make a donation please feel free to send via PayPal to the email address - and thank you very much. And what's more, if you leave a tip or make a donation with a comment I'll put that up on the website as well, with our thanks. And before someone else thinks of it, I just want to say for the record that "Merry Christmas, you sanctimonious bastard" has already been taken... (grin)

Copyright 2010 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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