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Thursday, January 17 2019 @ 02:31 AM UTC

Girlfriend Cheating On You? Get Your Very Own "Matador" System To Keep Tabs On Her...

Panama NewsBy DON WINNER for - I've been around the block enough to know that things like this don't happen by coincidence. I found an on-line brochure for a piece of equipment named "The Matador." Produced by a company called Antenna Systems and Solutions, Inc. (, and designed to be sold to the government under contract specifications GS-35F-0479T, "The Matador" comes in several different configurations, and apparently the more robust systems allow you to monitor more cellular telephone networks. It's described as a "Passive Cellular Network Monitoring System" that is "intended for the authorized interception of voice and data." You just punch in the cell phone number you want to listen to, and it will record all of the voice and data that goes to and from that phone number. It can even tell you where the phone is located, down to the cell. (more)

From The Company's Brochure About The Product:

  • The MATADOR family of Passive Cellular Network Monitoring Systems are intended for the authorized interception of voice and data. The MATADOR was designed to passively intercept voice and data to avoid detection of the systems operation and interference to the cellular systems network operation. The MATADOR system supports FR, EFR, HR, HER voice codecs. Other codecs will be implemented upon customer’s request.

  • A WINDOWS® based personal computer controls the unit via the serial port or RS-422 HDLC communications cards. This user friendly system can monitor one to twenty channel units and includes the control and monitoring software, an antenna and a personal computer. An auxiliary computer is recommended to process archive files.

  • THE MATADOR’S Basic Configurations:

  • 2 channels (1 forward and 1 reverse) A portable briefcase version is available

  • 6 channels (3 forward and 3 reverse) Housed in a standard 19 inch case

  • 8 channels (4 forward and 4 reverse) Housed in a standard 19 inch case

  • 12 channels (6 forward and 6 reverse) Housed in two standard 19 inch cases

  • 16 channels (8 forward and 8 reverse) Housed in three standard 19 inch cases

  • 20 channels (10 forward and 10 reverse) Housed in three standard 19 inch cases

  • THE MATADOR’S Data Storage and Archive Processing Abilities - All data (voice and data) intercepted by the system can be recorded to the hard drive. To review and process archived fi les, it is expedient to use an auxiliary personal computer connected to the system computer via a LAN connection. It is advisable to download / backup the fi les from the system computer to an auxiliary computer for archiving and processing. THE MATADOR software displays all service data to the corresponding voice messages including who called, time of call, call duration, etc.

  • GSA Contract No. GS-35F-0479T

  • ~ Antenna Systems & Solutions, Inc.

  • Ensures automatic interception of the frequency channels for subsequent storage, analysis and playback of the voice and data captured.

  • Additional Features:

  • Decoding of LPT-RTE and EFR.

  • Determines the subscribers TMSO during mobile phone registration and call placement.

  • Determines the subscribers IMSO and IMEI.

  • Receives the BCCH, CCCH, SACCH, SDCCH, FACCH, TCH, etc.

  • Determines the incoming number (if Caller ID is enabled).

  • Determines the phone number called from the mobile phone.

  • Determination of call origination time.

  • Determination of call duration.

  • Intercepts SMS.

  • Evaluates the quality and signal levels of the base station.

  • Ensures interception of encrypted voice messages in A5.1 and A5.2 protocols (if subscribers Ki is known).

  • Ensures the interception of voice messages in a Frequency Hopping environment.

  • Detects call direction.

  • Detects Cell ID.

  • During the interception of the subscribers conversation, the system displays in real time mode the following data:

  • • LAC

  • • MCC

  • • MNC

  • • ID

  • Frequency Channel Number

  • Signal power levels of the cell phone transmitter

  • Distance between cellular phone and the corresponding base station (based upon the above information, one can determine the active cellular phone location by utilizing a local cellular network map).

  • THE MATADOR’S Operational Modes:

  • Search of active subscriber(s) in the nearest zone

  • Random search / Fixed mode

  • The system generally chooses a minimum of three frequency channels, based upon base station signal levels, to monitor.

  • The system operator (user) can elect to record intercepted conversations and listen to them while simultaneously switching to other channels.

  • Fixed with target list mode

Sounds Nice - I'll Take Two: I can almost guarantee you the company that builds these systems named it "The Matador" in hopes of winning the bid to supply the equipment for the DEA's cellular intercept system of the same name - which we now know exists thanks to the Wilileaks cables released over the weekend.

Still Like Wikileaks? Now the bad guys - if they didn't already know - have confirmation that the DEA has a deployed network of cellular telephone intercept stations located throughout Latin America. Without a doubt, the release of these cables will cause incalculable damage to our ability to catch and prosecute the drug traffickers and money launderers of the world. The nuts and bolts of the bickering between Stephenson and Martinelli don't mean a damn thing in the grand scheme of things - however the confirmation of the existence of "Operation Matador" is potentially very damaging. Things must have changed (a lot) because back in my day these kinds of issues were discussed at classification levels (and compartmentalized) much higher than S/NF. See what happens when you tell the State Department stuff? At least that part hasn't changed, at all...

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Girlfriend Cheating On You? Get Your Very Own "Matador" System To Keep Tabs On Her... | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Girlfriend Cheating On You? Get Your Very Own \"Matador\" System To Keep Tabs On Her...
Authored by: susangg on Monday, December 27 2010 @ 09:51 PM UTC

Don, I started practicing criminal defense law in 1981, and over the next 14 years, I handled a lot of criminal cases, including some very high profile (at the time) multi agency task force cases in federal court. During that time, wiretapping by feds became more and more common, and I litigated many motions having to do with minimization issues. Its hard to believe that in 2009 and 2010, there are drug dealers above the lowest street level who don't know about wiretapping. The US government has been involved (sometimes with the goal of going after drug dealers (and other criminals) and sometimes (unfortunately) on the side of keeping them in business, in Central and South America since the 1970's.
All this is to say, while the specific details of the equipment used and the code name of the US program may have been a secret, the fact that there was US involvement and it probably involved wire tapping, was not. At least, not to anybody with a brain. Drug dealers know that at any given time, they are very likely to be under investigation, being wiretapped, being photographed, being videotaped, etc. by all kinds of spooks, narcs, and snitches. They keep dealing anyway because they are making a lot of money.

The more interesting question posed by your article is what actual restrictions there are on the commercial (non government) sale of the Matador equipment and whether those restrictions are actually being honored. The equipment would be a gold mine for industrial and corporate espionage and anybody else who has some money to burn and a desire to snoop, whether for competitive advantage, revenge, or pay, such as blackmailers.