Crossing the border to Costa Rica by car

Wednesday, January 26 2011 @ 09:45 PM UTC

Contributed by: Anonymous

"What is up at the border? I was going to get a "permiso de Salir" to drive to Costa Rica and a friend stopped by. He has a house in Costa Rica and Panama and has driven between more than 20 times. He told me don't bother you can't go anymore. His last trip to Costa Rica he purchased the Permiso de Salir as usual and drove to the border. He was denied passing the Panama side due to a new law that was posted on the window. You must be a resident to drive a Panama registered car across the border. Was he the only one? Is this real? So, I don't own my car? Any information about this would be more than informative. He is an american national."

Editor's Comment: Hmmm. No idea. I think this has to do with a band of car thieves who were stealing cars in Panama, taking them to Costa Rica, and then selling them. I know the government has tightened up considerably when it comes to driving from Panama to Costa Rica. However I'm still a little confused. The guy in question is an American, but where does he live? Where is his car registered? I suspect that whatever he wants to do can still be done, but just now there are additional steps, it's harder, more documents, etc.

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