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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 07:05 PM EDT

US Should Strongly Support Democracy Movement in Egypt

PoliticsBy DON WINNER for - Hosni Mubarak has been the president of Egypt since 1981. He was appointed as the president of the country after the assassination of Anwar El Sadat, who paid with his life for having signed the Camp David Peace Accords. The unwavering strategic objective of the United States of America since 7 December 1941 (Pearl Harbor) has been the expansion of democracy around the world. Thanks to World War II, countries like Germany and Japan have been safe and stable democracies that no longer threaten their neighbors, and for the most part WW2 established democracy for the rest of Western Europe. Since then democracy has taken hold in many countries of Asia and Latin America. Part of our strategy during the Cold War was to embrace dictators and despots who were willing to confront communism, even if they were drug traffickers such as Manuel Antonio Noriega in Panama or murderers such as Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

The United States Needed Hosni Mubarak: In Egypt the real power rests with the military. For decades, and especially since the Camp David Peace Accords, Israel has been the #1 recipient of US foreign aid, and Egypt has been #2. Between these two countries we have spent billions upon billions of dollars over the past 30 years in an effort to stabilize the entire region. And, a peaceful and stable Egypt has been a key cornerstone of that strategy - our grand and overreaching strategy to foment the expansion of democracy around the world. In the Middle East we not only had to hold back the spread of communism during the Cold War, but also confront Islamic extremism and terrorism where it arises. We learned our lesson with Afghanistan - we ignored them after the Russians pulled out and the Taliban filled the void. In Egypt we have been willing to turn a blind eye to the abuses of the 30 year regime of Hosni Mubarak, in the same way as we tolerated Noriega (Panama), Hussein (Iraq), the Somozas (Nicaragua), Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines), and dozens of other dictators around the world. And what we have historically done when their usefulness has ended is to first offer them a graceful way to end their careers. When that fails we turn our support to the opposition movements that invariably arise. In short, Hosni Mubarak's usefulness has come to an end, so he's toast.

Not A Religious Uprising in Egypt: Would it be ironic to say "Thank God for that" ? The uprising in Egypt is one of the people - the truest form of democracy at a very fundamental level. These demonstrations are not being spurred on by massive waves of Islamic fundamentalists whom we should fear. But rather, these are just people who are fed up with corruption, poverty, and the abuses of a dictatorial form of government. There have been reports of Christians defending the backs of Muslims as they prayed in the Mosques on Friday, and then the Muslims returning the favor later. These people and what they long for are exactly what the United States of America - our Statue of Liberty - stands for. They want freedom and democracy. We want freedom and democracy in the Middle East. Our desires are aligned. We should throw our unfettered support behind this movement.

What President Barrack Obama Should Say In A Speech: He could take the gloves off and lay it out. He should ask for the immediate resignation of Hosni Mubarak. Why? To save the lives of demonstrating Egyptians - that's what they are demanding. Obama should call upon the highly respected Egyptian military to keep the peace, with restraint, and to maintain stability in the country until a free and fair election can be organized and held - within six months at the most. Obama should call upon the rest of the free democracies in the world to help and support this newly emerging version of Egyptian democracy as it's being born - with public statements of support, observers, donations, and help where it's needed. We all should come rushing to the aid of a friend and neighbor who has a problem, to let them know that we are going to stand by their side and simply help.

The Middle East Is Now The Front Lines: If you are able to step back and see the history of the world in larger chunks of time, you will recognize that our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, were nothing more than a continuation of our now 70-year old grand and global strategy that seeks to expand democracy around the world. We do this because true democracies rarely invade one another. Democracies make better trading partners. The people who live in these countries generally have higher and improving standards of living, education, and opportunities. For more than 30 years stability in Egypt has been propped up by the military and their approved dictators. Well, the time has come for Egypt to take off the training wheels and to walk on their own. We, the United States of America, as the world's standard bearers for freedom and democracy, should firmly, publicly, and unwaveringly support those efforts. A strong and free Egypt will be an even better ally to the Untied States over the long haul than one led by a dictator like Hosni Mubarak, that much is clear. It's time for our elected leaders to boldly express their support for this movement. And if you need more reasons why it's time for Hosni Mubarak to go, take a look at this...

I think the Egyptian people are due for a change, don't you? Let's trust them to make a smart choice. To put the power at last in the hands of the people. To grant them the fundamental right to choose their leaders in a clean and fair election. They have had our backs in the past, and now we should have theirs. And most importantly, we should do so boldly, with pride, and without fear.

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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US Should Strongly Support Democracy Movement in Egypt | 2 comments | Create New Account
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US Should Strongly Support Democracy Movement in Egypt
Authored by: susangg on Sunday, January 30 2011 @ 02:30 PM EST

Hell has frozen over! Don Winner and I actually agree on something to do with US politics!

US Should Strongly Support Democracy Movement in Egypt
Authored by: oldmanandthesea on Monday, January 31 2011 @ 08:19 AM EST

Don, an excellent editorial, clear and concise. For too long the US has adhered to "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The photos of 5 US presidents with Mubarak speaks loud and clear.

Clyde Jenkins