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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 10:51 AM UTC

Political Cartoons To Learn Spanish - Mining Code Debates

Gold & MiningBy DON WINNER for - The following political cartoon appeared in the El Siglo newspaper today, and the topic is the ongoing debates regarding a Bill currently before the National Assembly to reform the Mining Code in Panama. These changes are necessary to eventually allow for the development of the massive copper mine project in Cerro Colorado. Pictured in the cartoon is a person who appears to be the Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Roberto Henriquez, speaking to a group of stern faced Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous Indians about the reforms, and what the new copper mine will bring. In the first panel he says:

  • "Con la explotacion de Cerro Colorado, el pueblo Ngäbe tendra empleos, calles, electricidad..."

  • (With the exploitation of Cerro Colorado, the Ngäbe people will have jobs, streets, electricity...")

  • The stern faced public is not impressed, but the men break into huge smiles when he adds...

  • "... bodgeas, cantinas ..." (Bars and cantinas) and the toothy grinning response of "Ofi" from the men, but the women, not so much.

"Oficial" In Panamanian Spanish they use the slang term "oficial" which literally translates to "official" in English - and in this political cartoon it's shortened to the even shorter slang of "ofi" - which would be translated as "cool" or "great" or "alright" - indicating acceptance. Also, don't miss the fact that the guy on the right is wearing a baseball hat with the logo for the Cleveland Indians - get it?

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Political Cartoons To Learn Spanish - Mining Code Debates
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, February 08 2011 @ 11:28 PM UTC

Just a small correction: Roberto Henriquez is the Minister of Commerce and Industries (MICI).