Owl Kicked By Panamanian Soccer Player in Colombia Dies of Injuries

Tuesday, March 01 2011 @ 10:53 AM EST

Contributed by: Don Winner

The Owl who was kicked by the player Panamanian Luis Moreno, a member of Deportivo Pereira, died today despite efforts by the veterinary staff that dealt with the case. The Country Veterinary Clinic in Barranquilla confirmed the death of the bird at 2:57 am on Tuesday. The report issued by the veterinarian Camilo Tapia said stress and perhaps muscle problems were the likely causes of death, reported the webpage rcnradio.com. "The owl had respiratory complications in the afternoon yesterday and this involved the transfer to a veterinary clinic with better equipment," said the vet. After its death the situation for the Panamanian player, rejected by thousands of Colombians, worsens. Moreno could face up to 45 days in jail, because a legal process has been opened against him for animal abuse. Animal advocates who protested outside the offices of the Division Mayor del Futbol Profesional Colombiano (Dimayor) in Bogotá require that the Panamanian Luis "Lucho" Moreno be withdrawn from the Deportivo Pereira and Colombia's professional soccer. (La Estrella)

Editor's Comment: What a friggin' moron. That was a real bone-headed thing to do. The only way for Luis Moreno to deal with this is to face up to it, apologize a thousand times, admit the fact that he screwed up royally, accept responsibility, beg for forgiveness, and wait for the media frenzy to die down. While he's waiting he should read Michael Vick's book about dog ownership, the humane treatment of animals, and sports professionals.

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