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Thursday, April 26 2018 @ 08:53 PM EDT

Sidney Sitton Says Blas Velásquez Gordillo Threatened Him

CorruptionThe lawyer Sidney Sitton, who appeared in an interview last Friday on channel 13 Telemetro, reported receiving threatening calls. One of them, from a close friend of Supreme Court Judge José Abel Almengor. During an interview this morning on Telemetro, Sitton played a voice message left on his cell phone "I have the support of all my friends in order to do what I have to do and they will pay the money for the bond, because it's over." According to Sitton, the male voice that said he would look for him day and night, that would cost him his life, belongs to Blas Velásquez Gordillo, a friend of Almengor's. Sitton is one of the key witnesses in the complaint filed by the lawyer and former judge Zulay Rodriguez, to investigate Supreme Court Judge Alemengor for an alleged conspiracy against the former Attorney General Ana Matilde Gomez, and for alleged corruption within the Supreme Court. (La Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Everybody already knows how this whole PAMAGO scandal is going to play out, or at least what they suspect will actually happen on the ground. The National Assembly will eventually vote to close the case and not take any real or substantial actions against Almengor or anyone else. They will eventually take the same action with all five similar complaints that have been filed. And even if Almengor is eventually forced to resign then Martinelli will just appoint someone else who is also faithful, so there's really no change in the power structure in the end. And there is no separation of powers right now in Panama. Everyone already knows there was a "conspiracy" to throw Ana Matilde Gomez out of power - and they did so because she refused to go after Ernesto Perez Balladares for money laundering. So, Gomez is gone and now the corruption case against Ernesto Perez Balladares is going forward. I'll see your money laundering, and trump your conspiracy scandal with paybacks and payola. This is one big PRD vs. the "Grand Opposition Alliance" showdown at halftime - and it's all a setup for the 2014 elections. Martinelli's "grand strategy" is to paint the PRD as corrupt. They are trying to turn it around on him. So right now the corruption ball is going back and forth over the net like it's Wimbledon or something.

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