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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 04:53 am EDT

PANAPROSA - Is Your Project In Panama Not Working Out As Planned?

Construction & InteriorsOver the past few years we have received numerous inquiries, particularly from people in the US, regarding problems associated with their projects and investments here in Panama. These problems range from questionable land purchases, poor construction, uncompleted work and a host of other issues. These challenges can become doubly frustrating when you're back in the states and not on the ground here in Panama. In response to these inquiries, PANAPROSA now offers specialized consulting to help get your project back on track.

Our individual consulting services are geared toward cutting through all the layers of miscommunication, frustration, delays and lack of response. Through timely, on-site visits and engineering investigations, we leverage our 12 years of experience here in Panama to get you clear answers and a well thought out plan to get things back on track. Our specific areas of practice include architecture and planning, structural, mechanical and plumbing engineering, soils investigations and land surveying. We have applied our experience to resolve and correct site drainage issues, faulty and inadequate land surveys,and incomplete and defective home construction.

In addition to getting called in when things go south, we offer the same individual consulting services to help guide your efforts and investment to get your project started in the right direction. We provide professional site selection and analysis, due diligence, and building inspections in addition to our traditional design and engineering services. We also serve as owners representative, project managers and construction managers to make sure your project advances in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Does Your Project Involve Remote, Difficult And Hard To Reach Sites? PANAPROSA has an outstanding track record of providing engineering and project management services for sites which are difficult to reach and pose extreme conditions. Our bilingual teams are experienced and well suited to the physical, climate and security challenges faced in places like the Darien Province, Kuna Yala and other remote sites. In addition to private sector interests, we have an outstanding track record of looking after projects funded by various departments of the United Sates government. Check out our website to learn more.

John Brock, President. Panama Project Development Services, SA. Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Construction Services. 011 (507) 6614 8287.

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