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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 11:30 AM UTC

Playa "La Angosta" on Colon's Upper Coast - Road Toward Portobelo (Not "Playa Langosta")

Travel & Tourism By DON WINNER for - One of my favorite places to spend the day is on the beach at "Playa La Angosta". Now, many people mistakenly call this place "Playa Langosta" - even the locals - but the correct and proper name is "Playa La Angosta" which means "Narrow Beach." I went there yesterday with my wife and daughter, and it's a really nice place to just spend the day kicking back with the warm Caribbean waters up to your neck. The beach is very nice, the water is clean, and yesterday (Good Friday) there were a bunch of SINAPROC lifeguards on duty. Now, I don't think that's the norm, and I believe there were they only because of the additional push the government puts on to protect people during holidays such as Holy Week, but in any case they were there and actually watching the water. There were also a couple of cops there to keep an eye on the tourists. Overall, the safety and security aspects were excellent.

Where Is Playa La Angosta? Playa La Angosta is located in the province of Colon, on the road to Portobelo. If you're a techno geek, you can just click on this link to download a Google Earth Placemark file to your computer. If you have Google Earth loaded on your computer and properly configured, it should open and "fly you" right to Playa La Angosta when you click on the file you downloaded. For those who are more technologically challenged - but if you can still drive a GPS - Playa La Angosta is located at 9°28'11.83"N 79°43'28.17"W. And I'll still give you "normal" directions for those who are living in the stone age. Leaving from Panama City, take the new highway from the Northern Corridor towards Colon. When the highway peters out you get dumped onto the old road, keep going straight towards Colon. Just past the McDonald's on your left, about one block down turn right in Sabanitas at the intersection with the El Rey supermarket. Follow that road and signs toward Portobelo. You will encounter a police checkpoint in the town of Maria Chiquita. The entrance to the Playa La Angosta is 2.9 miles on your left after the checkpoint in Maria Chiquita. You have to slow down and keep a sharp lookout because the turn into the beach is back and to your left, so if you're not careful you can blow right past it. And if you still can't find it, ask any local along that road because they all know exactly where it is.

$3.00 Buck Per Car Load: They charge a $3.00 per car entry fee just to park on their land to get access to the beach. They have little "bohios" - really just small grass roofs large enough to cover a picnic table - that you can rent for $5.00 for the whole day. We got one of these but really didn't use it all that much, we spent all of our time on the sand and in the water. There are no really big waves on this beach because the mouth of the bay is wrapped around and it's protected, and there's also an off shore reef, so it's a great beach for little kids - they don't get hammered into the sand by occasional rogue waves. There's also a restaurant there on the beach that has good seafood, fried fish, shrimp, prawns, drinks, etc. at reasonable prices. Yesterday they were slow and swamped by the large numbers of people, but we ate eventually and it was good food (get whatever it garlic sauce with the coconut rice, worth the trip all by itself.) Once you're done for the day, they have showers with fresh water for 50 cents a pop - just be sure to bring shower shoes.

Playa Langosta in Panama: If you do a Google search for "Playa Langosta" in Panama you'll get dozens of hits, find photos, youtube videos, and all kinds of reference materials. I think this is hilarious because as I mentioned before the real name of the beach is "Playa La Angosta" in Panama - you can also find some information about this site with a Google search of the right name. When you're pulling in to the place and paying your $3.00 dollar parking fee - check out the signs which clearly identify the location with the proper name.

Other References And Related Articles: This article entitled "Playa La Anosta - A Delightful Caribbean Beach" appeared in The Visitor in April 2009.

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Playa "La Angosta" on Colon's Upper Coast - Road Toward Portobelo (Not "Playa Langosta") | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Playa \"La Angosta\" on Colon\'s Upper Coast - Road Toward Portobelo (Not \"Playa Langosta\")
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, April 30 2011 @ 02:56 PM UTC

The locals call it Playa Langosta?

Not hard to understand as this is very close to the original name which is 'Puerto de Langostas' - as recorded in the 16th century by the Spanish geographer Juan López de Velasco.

The tradition of incorrect naming has persisted down the centuries as the Instituto Geografico Nacional Tommy Guardia's map (updated 1997) calls the nearby point 'Punta Langosta' and the hamlet itself 'Langosta'.

Maybe someone should tell them?