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Tuesday, February 19 2019 @ 03:04 PM UTC

Rod Spiller's Alias as "Mike Collins" - Once A Scam Artist, Always A Scam Artist

Expat Tales By DON WINNER for - Yesterday I received a tip from a reader that Rod Spiller - who I've been chasing around since he was caught trying to smuggle diamonds into Panama back in 2006 - has reappeared on Facebook using the alias "Mike Collins." The photos in this article are taken from his webpage under this alias, and yup, that's him. Rod Spiller is the guy who tried to set up all kinds of schemes and scams, which all had one goal and aim, to liberate unsuspecting suckers from their money. He was tried and convicted in the United States, went to prison, did his time, and now lives in Florida. I wonder if setting up a web page using an alias would constitute a violation of his parole. This idiot just can't help himself. He keeps popping back up like a bad burrito, and every time I get wind of it he shuts it all down and runs for cover. Oh, of course first he squawks and squirms and threatens me with physical harm (quiver), but in reality he has to play these alias games because his real name - Rod Spiller - is totally and completely burned on the Internet thanks to the articles published about him on Panama Guide and your's truly. Try it for yourself. Go to Google and do a quick search on "Rod Spiller." Now read those articles and ask yourself - would you trust your money to this man? Of course not. And I bet he's right back at it, sucking money out of new victims using the name "Mike Collins" - or at least he was until this article goes up. (more)

See For Yourself: Well, while it's still there anyway. You can surf to the Facebook profile of "Mike Collins" by hitting this link: I suspect that mere minutes will pass after the publication of this article, then someone will see it, alert Rod Spiller that I'm on to him once again, and he will immediately yank it down. That's what he did the last time this happened about two years ago.

Here Are The Photos:

Notice In The Comments Section: Mary Spiller - Great picture, where is it ? Looks like Italy or Malta November 11, 2010 at 11:13pm. Mike Collins - It is Popeye Village in Malta where the movie Popeye with Robin Williams and Shelly Duval was filmed. November 12, 2010 at 1:43am. Mary Spiller is Rod Spiller's mother.

The 490 Friends of "Mike Collins" - I looked at the list of people who have signed up as being friends with Rod Spiller under his "Mike Collins" alias - and it includes the entire Spiller clan. So, they all know that he's not using his real name in public, but rather this alias. His profile says "Mike Collins - Lives in Fort Myers, Florida, Married, Knows English, Russian, Spanish, Italian. From Boothbay, Maine"

Travel Website - Living in Malta: Remember the comment above about the photo that was taken in Malta? On Rod Spiller's website under the fictional alias as "Mike Collins" under "contact information" he has the website listed as his own. And guess what, when you surf to that website it's covered with the owner's name as well as photos of Rod Spiller who is posting as "Mike Collins." In one of the blog posts he writes, "We were living in Malta at the time..." Yeah, no doubt. Same guy. He's had this website up since at least February 2010.

Aspiring Writer: The convicted scam artist Rod Spiller is also an aspiring writer. He has an advertisement for his book (cover above) on his travel website written by "Mike R. Collins" - who does not exist.

It's Like Pulling A Thread: And of course, Rodney Spiller, using the alias of "Mike Collins" has also started another Facebook page for his "Exotic Visitors" travel business, which you can see at There Rodney Spiller lists himself as "Mike Collins, Editor".

I'm Sure There's More: And who cares? What matters is that now with the publication of this article the convicted scam artist Rodney Spiller will be fully and completely associated with his alias of "Mike Collins". This is the same guy who ran the Udachu investment scam, got run out of Panama for attempting to illegally import millions of dollars worth of diamonds from South Africa in a DHL pouch - declaring them as "documents only." Guys like this can't change their stripes. I'm sure he's trying to run some other type of scam out there somewhere, now as "Mike Collins."

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Are You Looking To Get Money Back From Rod Spiller? I know there were a lot of people who lost money on Spiller's Udachu scam. In case you're interested in finding him, he also has another website called where he tries to sell SEO services, also registered to his alias of "Mike Collins". Here's the whois data for that website:

  • Domain ID:D160955584-LROR
  • Created On:14-Dec-2010 19:28:42 UTC
  • Last Updated On:13-Feb-2011 03:55:02 UTC
  • Expiration Date:14-Dec-2011 19:28:42 UTC
  • Sponsoring Registrar:Wild West Domains, Inc. (R120-LROR)
  • Registrant ID:CR69823683
  • Registrant Name:Mike Collins
  • Registrant Organization:Blue Jungle
  • Registrant Street1:4817 Cape Coral Parkway
  • Registrant City:Cape Coral
  • Registrant State/Province:Florida
  • Registrant Postal Code:33990
  • Registrant Country:US
  • Registrant Phone:+1.2397898589
  • Admin ID:CR69823685
  • Admin Name:Mike Collins
  • Admin Organization:Blue Jungle
  • Admin Street1:4817 Cape Coral Parkway
  • Admin City:Cape Coral
  • Admin State/Province:Florida
  • Admin Postal Code:33990
  • Admin Country:US
  • Admin Phone:+1.2397898589
  • Tech ID:CR69823684
  • Tech Name:Mike Collins
  • Tech Organization:Blue Jungle
  • Tech Street1:4817 Cape Coral Parkway
  • Tech City:Cape Coral
  • Tech State/Province:Florida
  • Tech Postal Code:33990
  • Tech Country:US
  • Tech Phone:+1.2397898589
  • DNSSEC:Unsigned

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Rod Spiller\'s Alias as \"Mike Collins\" - Once A Scam Artist, Always A Scam Artist
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 18 2011 @ 04:59 AM UTC

Wow, Don, just as you said, those facebook pages are long gone!