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Sunday, June 16 2019 @ 11:42 AM UTC

Zuniga: Naves Supply Deposited Toxic Waste in Cerro Patacˇn

Environmental IssuesMauro Z˙˝iga, after he was denounced by the owner of Naves Supply Lourdes Castillo for the crime of libel, said during a press conference on Friday that they have evidence against the company. "I can show that Naves Supply collects medical waste and deposits it at Cerro Patacˇn" he told local media. He added that the company is not eligible to receive this type of waste that affects the population if they are deposited in an improper location. He further stated that the complaint filed by Castillo against him was organized by the Presidency of the Republic. "They do not want me to talk any more against the government and therefore they proceed in this way," he said. For his part, the legal representative of Zuniga said the lawsuit has no basis and therefore will not succeed before the legal authorities. (Panama America)

Mauro Z˙˝iga (left) and his lawyer leaving the Public Ministry.

Editor's Comment: This is a fight between companies that are vying for contracts to collect and properly dispose of medical waste in Panama City. The company Naves Supply, owned by Lourdes Castillo, won a three month contract to dispose of medical waste from the hospitals and clinics of the Ministry of Health. Then Mauro Z˙˝iga's company released a video to the local media supposedly showing trucks belonging to Naves Supply dumping medical waste in Cerro Patacon instead of incinerating. However, in response Castillo responded to the local media and showed how the trucks in the video are not hers, and what's more the video clearly shows the trucks dumping red medical waste bags marked "CSS" - from the "Caja de Seguro Social" (Social Security Hospital) - and not from the Ministry of Health. So, she filed her criminal complaint for libel, and now the lawyers are cashing in. During her television interview Castillo also explained how Mauro Z˙˝iga is representing the interests of a Venezuelan company that's trying to shove her out of the business. Anyway, for what it's worth, that's what's going on. It's been all over the local press for the past few days. The nice part is that finally the government of Panama has recognized that hazardous medical waste needs to be properly disposed of. For decades they simply dumped it in the landfill along with everything else.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, May 21 2011 @ 12:39 PM UTC

While searching for a lost dog years ago, my wife and I discovered a "mound" of medical waste in the jungle, just down the hillside from the Howard AFB Hospital! How it got there and who put it there I don't know, but that was surely NOT the right place for it to be!