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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 11:50 pm EDT

Auto Insurance Information Will Be Entered Into the "Pele Police" System

InsuranceThe general director of the Ground Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT), Jorge Ricardo Fabrega, said next week he would sign an agreement with the Panamanian Association of Insurance that will allow the ATTT have information on people who have auto insurance. The information will be entered into the electronic database system which can be accessed using the handheld "Pele Police" devices, whose database is updated daily, and will be used by the authorities to certify the validity of the insurance carried by the vehicle and to which company it belongs. With the entry into force of the decree governing minor accidents, people should remove vehicles out of the roadway and call the insurance company, although in extreme cases they should call the traffic police. The new law does not require drivers who have been involved in a minor traffic accident to come to an agreement with regards to fault or responsibility. Fabrega said in the month since the new law governing minor traffic accidents has been in effect, the insurance companies have reported that a large number of minor collisions have been resolved through agreements between the parties involved, and the traffic courts are handling smaller numbers of cases. The "Single Definitive Form For Minor Traffic Accidents" is based on Law No. 21 of May 28, 2010, and its regulations dictate the required actions to be taken for minor traffic accidents on roads in the country. The signatories will have to translate data to the document that will be considered as a verifiable affidavit and the information provided and its attachments is true to the events, assuming legal responsibility for any misrepresentation or omission. Anyone who provides misleading information or who attempts to conceal the real situation by providing false information about the events or acts will be sanctioned under Article 366 of the Criminal Code. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: So now, when the cops pull you over, they will be able to quickly and easily check the "pele police" system to see if your auto insurance is valid and up to date. Anyone caught without insurance is facing a hefty fine.

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