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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 11:42 pm EDT

I've Got Good News and Bad News - Your Car Hasn't Been Stolen, It's Been Towed...

InsuranceBy DON WINNER for - Recently my good friend Kevin Bradley, the best insurance man in Panama and on the planet, sent me a link to this article they've published on his website entitled Car towed away by Panama A.T.T.T.?. Carmen, who works with Kevin, recently assisted one of their customers who initially thought their car had been stolen, but they came to find out it had simply been towed away by Panama's Ground Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) because the owner had parked in a yellow curb, no parking zone. This article gives the full details on who to call and what to do if this happens to you. Panama's Ministry of Public Works (MOP) is starting work on all kinds of major infrastructure projects in Panama City, and they have been coming out on television frequently to talk about the projects and how they know the traffic is going to be screwed up for awhile until the projects are complete. The government has even gone so far as to change the law regarding minor vehicle accidents, and now drivers are required to move their vehicles from the lanes of travel so as to not block traffic. There's also discussion about changing the work schedules for government and private employees to ease rush hour traffic. And now, apparently the ATTT is going to start towing vehicles that are illegally parked. Anyway, take a look at this article to get the details about how to find your car if it turns up missing one of these days. And don't forget, my good buddy Kevin Bradley is still the best insurance dude in town. Be safe out there, folks...

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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I've Got Good News and Bad News - Your Car Hasn't Been Stolen, It's Been Towed... | 1 comments | Create New Account
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I\'ve Got Good News and Bad News - Your Car Hasn\'t Been Stolen, It\'s Been Towed...
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, July 03 2011 @ 01:03 am EDT

If you've ever gone to Multiplaza mall on a weekend you see a great example of illegal parking anywhere and everywhere. On a personal note I would love to see a fleet of tow trucks and ATTT people doing their jobs. On those occasions (most of the time) that I've failed to find a legal space, I just go home, as foolish as that sounds in this society.