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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 07:04 PM EDT

Okke Ornstein's Day In A Panamanian Criminal Court - Doesn't Go So Well (For Him)

Expat Tales By DON WINNER for - Okke Ornstein appeared this morning before the 15th Criminal Circuit Court at 9:00 am, in a criminal trial held at the Gil Ponce Palace of Justice in Ancon, Panama City, in the Republic of Panama. Well, it would be more accurate to say Okke Ornstein himself did not appear in court - he was afraid the authorities would arrest him on the spot. He was, however, legally represented in the trial by his defense lawyer and the trial went forward even though Ornstein himself was not present. Prosecutors charged Okke Ornstein with several criminal counts including extortion, blackmail, fraud, slander and libel. During the trial the prosecutor explained the considerable and damning evidence against Ornstein contained in the case file. The only defense presented by Ornstein's lawyer, on the other hand, was to say there are somewhere from eight to ten other criminal complaints pending against Ornstein, so therefore the judge should not find him guilty because to do so would constitute "double jeopardy." When the judge heard there are many other similar cases pending against Ornstein she literally could not believe it. She ordered Ornstein's defense attorney to submit proof of her allegations of double jeopardy before the court within 24 hours. (more)

The Double Jeopardy Defense: At least six known and confirmed criminal cases have been filed against Okke Ornstein, but these were filed by other victims for other crimes he committed. Those complaints have nothing to do with this case - except for the fact that the defendant is the same. In questions of criminal slander and libel a judge might lump together several published articles or pieces of information written about one person into a group and hold one trial. However it would be illegal and improper to combine several cases and complaints filed by many different individuals - simply because the perpetrator is the same individual. And what's more, until today Okke Ornstein had not been taken to trial or convicted of anything - so where's the "double jeopardy?" Of course it would be a situation of double jeopardy if, after this trial and expected criminal conviction the victims filed another new complaint against him for the same crimes based on the evidence heard this morning. However, that's simply not the case. This "double jeopardy" gambit was practically the only argument presented by the defense lawyer, and now she has until tomorrow morning to prove to the judge in the case that what she claimed in court is true.

Eight To Ten? Dozens? It's possible there are even more cases and complaints out there in the system against Okke Ornstein that I was previously unaware of. Okke Ornstein's own lawyer said in court there were "many more" cases out there, and she cited the numbers of eight to ten, and then dozens, and "many, many." So, which is it? After the hearing was over I heard the judge ordering her secretary to contact the various prosecutors to find out exactly how many criminal complaints are pending against Okke Ornstein. So, as an unintended consequence of this hearing, we will now now for certain exactly how many criminal complaints there are actually pending against him, or at least how many turn up between what Ornstein's lawyer will report, and what the judge's secretary turns up on her own.

Worst Legal Defense In The World: Okke Ornstein's lawyer practically argued "you can't find my client guilty in this case because he's guilty in the other cases as well." Huh? The judge practically lit up like a Christmas tree when she heard that. Now the judge wants to know exactly who is this knucklehead Okke Ornstein, who else is complaining about his activities in Panama, and what exactly has he done to other people. And forget about the argument "you should find him innocent because he's not guilty" because it never came up in court. Worst, legal, defense, ever. And of course Ornstein not showing up for court didn't help his case much, either. After many maneuvers to have the hearing delayed or cancelled, the judge decided the hearing was going to happen today, Ornstein or no Ornstein.

The Trial Is Now Over: There won't be any more hearings in this particular case. If convicted Ornstein stands to be sentenced from a minimum of one year in prison for each count and up to a maximum of eighteen months, and there are five counts. During the trial the prosecutor asked the judge to find Okke Ornstein guilty, and to sentence him to twelve to eighteen months in prison on each count. The judge can find him guilty as charged and then sentence him to a number of months for each count, and then order the sentences to be served consecutively. Meaning - if the judge gives him eighteen months on each of the five counts that would be a total of 90 months - or seven and a half years total in prison if she orders the time to be served consecutively. He would be arrested whenever he is found and delivered to Panama's notorious La Joya prison, where he would reside until about 2018 or so. Alternatively, the judge could find Ornstein guilty on all five counts and sentence him to one year each, with the sentences running concurrently. Meaning Okke Ornstein could end up doing one year in La Joya. Or, the judge could pick a number between one year and five years, mix and match between consecutive and concurrent, and send him to prison for however long she thinks he should serve. Of course the judge could also find him innocent on any or all of the five charges. Meaning, she could find him innocent of four counts and guilty on just one, and still send him to prison for eighteen months. In any case, the judge now has thirty days to make her decision.

And Now Okke Ornstein Will Spew More Lies: There's one sure bet in all of this - the instant I publish this article, Okke Ornstein will learn the truth about what happened in court this morning at his criminal trial. He probably already spoke on the phone or face to face with his defense lawyer, who told him something about what happened. Then he will ponder for a moment, reach for his keyboard, and begin to spew some degree of lies and bullshit. The fact of the matter is whatever crap Ornstein publishes on his website no longer has any basis in truth or factual relevance in this case. Ornstein will attack me and all of the people he normally attacks, and none of it will matter - I don't even plan on reading any of it. I expect the judge in this case will eventually find Okke Ornstein guilty of the charges pending against him, and when that happens I'll get a copy of the decision and publish it on this website as a downloadable PDF file, so you can see it for yourself. Until that happens I'm sure there will be some spewing and sputtering coming out of the lulu-land that passes for reality within the confines of Okke Ornstein's head. My advice would be to just ignore the rantings of the lunatic in the basement. He becomes less and less relevant with each passing day.

It Will Get Piled Higher and Deeper: Okke Ornstein will become more and more of a convict as time goes by, as the multitude of other cases pending against him also go to court, one by one by one by one by one by one by one (until there are no more.) Funny thing about criminal convictions - it's great evidence for a prosecutor to tell a judge "this defendant has already been convicted xx times for having committed this same crime against xx other victims." And someone should explain the basics of "double jeopardy" to Okke Ornstein's lawyer - cuz' this ain't it.

Update: As predicted - Ornstein published a response, denying he had a court date today, denying his lawyer was there representing him, calling me names, saying I was lying, etc. Right on cue. The fact of the matter is - he's full of crap. But as I said - no matter. Once the judge decides the case and issues a verdict and sentences him, I'll post it here.

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Okke Ornstein's Day In A Panamanian Criminal Court - Doesn't Go So Well (For Him) | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Okke Ornstein\'s Day In A Panamanian Criminal Court - Doesn\'t Go So Well (For Him)
Authored by: oldmanandthesea on Thursday, July 21 2011 @ 02:24 PM EDT

Don, thanks for the update. I knew the coward wouldn't have the guts to show up for his trial. After all the bluff and bluster and other bull shit he's been posting on his website we see that he's just another big mouth with a teeny, weeny spine.

One thing that is so funny is that I tried to post a message on Banama Republic yesterday and got a message that I couldn't do that because they don't like me. Oh the agony of it all, they don't like me. I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it and get by somehow.

I wonder how his fan club is going to take all of this. Susan, Jay, Leslie, Eric, Jim Fry, Jerry Hall and all the other, what say you?


Okke Ornstein\'s Day In A Panamanian Criminal Court - Doesn\'t Go So Well (For Him)
Authored by: oldmanandthesea on Friday, July 22 2011 @ 08:56 AM EDT

I got an email from Okke this morning denying that he had an attorney and that he had never been notified of the trial. I guess that when your nose is full of that white powder that reality gets a little fuzzy.

Next he'll come back claiming that he was denied his rights because the trial was in Spanish and he didn't have an interpreter there that spoke Uzbekastani or Urdu.

It seems that his fan club, whom I listed above, has been strangely quite. I would have thought that they would be running to his defense as they have in the past. Perhaps they have come to the conclusion that it is time to wash their hands of him. If so, that's a wise choice.


Okke Ornstein\'s Day In A Panamanian Criminal Court - Doesn\'t Go So Well (For Him)
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, September 08 2011 @ 08:43 PM EDT

It has been over thirty days since this article, but I can't find out what the judge decided his sentence should be. Can we have some kind of a follow up article?