ATTT Does Not Know How Many Cars There Are On The Road

Friday, July 22 2011 @ 09:57 AM EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

Panama's Land Transit and Transport Authority (ATTT) can not determine how many official and private vehicles there are in Panama because there were no license plates issued in 2010 and that upset the whole system, said ATTT official Nicolas Brea on the TVN morning news. The lack of plates resulted form a delay in processing the contract so the school in Chapala could make them, something that should have happened in the previous administration (of Martin Torrijos), according to the ATTT. Brea also said the 2011 license plates are being delivered to a total of 24,000 taxis, but no more registrations will be drawn on the 8B system because the "Red Devil" buses are being taken off of the road. The Metro Bus use 8-digit registration numbers and the four numbers between the letters are the license plate number. Starting this year, license plates on official (government owned) vehicles will be renewed each annually. The new plates for taxis come with a high security device to prevent them being stolen and used to steal, said Brea. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: Not having the license plate mechanism set up and working was one of the "banana peels" Martin Torrijos' people and the PRD left behind for Martinelli's people - and slip they did. Now, more than two years into Martinelli's administration, they are just now starting to get their act together with regards to license plates and vehicle registrations. Remember, most of the guys from the Cambio Democratico party didn't have any experience in government at all when they took over. The PRD on the other hand ran the country during the 21 years of the military dictatorship, and then during the terms of Ernesto Perez Balladares (1994 - 1999) and Martin Torrijos (2004 - 2009), so relatively speaking they have a lot of experience. Hence, they knew exactly where to toss the banana peels as well...

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