New Taxi Meter System Will Be Implemented This Year

Tuesday, August 02 2011 @ 11:26 AM EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

The director of the Land Transit and Transportation Authority Ricardo Fabrega announced today the new taxi meters could be implemented this year. Fabrega also reaffirmed that no driver may charge the higher rates, even though they were approved by the Transit Board last week, until it is promulgated in Official Gazette. Earlier, the Deputy Director of the Transit Authority, Roberto Moreno, justified the use of the new taxi meters on the channel 2 morning news broadcast, saying they would benefit taxi users. According to Moreno the meter functions like a mathematical equation, including the distance covered, elapsed time, and the basic fare. But he admitted in a traffic jam the users will end up paying more for taxi service, so people will have to decide whether or not they want to use it. (La Estrella)

Editor's Comment: The ATTT has had experimental meters installed in a few taxis over the last couple of months. Apparently their trial period is over and they are ready to move forward.

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