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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 09:04 am EDT

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Feedback By DON WINNER for - Over the course of the last few days I've run into several people on the street, people who are regular readers of this website. It's weird when people recognize me in public, and everyone is always very nice. And it still amazes me every time when someone says something like "remember that time there was this idiot and you told him..." - then they laugh like hell about what I wrote. Honestly, sometimes I can remember the details of every story, situation, and event, and sometimes they slip my mind. But anyway, the point is my readers are the best in the world. Loyal, return "customers" who check back frequently and regularly to see what's going on in the world of current events in Panama. Traffic to this website has slowly and steadily increased over the years, and I know there are real people behind those numbers, and I thank you.

"I'd Like To Contribute Something: One of the people I met this week expressed a desire to make some kind of a donation or contribution to the website, out of sheer gratitude and appreciation. He said "if it weren't for Panama Guide, I'd be lost down here..." He prompted me to find a way to put something on the website that would allow people like him to make a donation if they wanted to. He suggested it should be quick, easy, and painless. And, there should be a way to take credit cards for those who don't have PayPal accounts, for example. We spoke about the idea for awhile and I told him I would look into it. I confessed the idea made be somewhat uncomfortable because I've never asked my readers for anything, and I've been able to scratch out a living thanks to advertising revenue. He said "it's voluntary, it's a donation. I would do it just because I want to. But right now I can't because you're not set up to take it. And, if you never ask the answer is always no..."

Well, Why Not? After thinking about the idea for awhile I decided to go ahead and give it a swing. What happens is I tend to focus too much on the news side of things, and when there's something going on I practically abandon the sales and advertising elements, and spend all of my time and energies on the "story." My family damn near starved during the "Wild Bill" thing for example - I can get very focused and single minded sometimes, but there's always a downside. In any case, I looked at my existing PayPal account and upgraded to a more capable option that would allow for both "Donations" and "Subscriptions". What's the difference? A "donation" is a one-time thing - you make a donation, I say "thanks" and that's it. A "subscription" is a recurring payment that will automatically charge again after a set period of time. I've set it up to accept both.

Make A Donation to Panama Guide: If you click on this "Donate" button below you can enter any amount you choose, from one cent to a gazillion dollars. It's done through the PayPal system but you can make a donation with any credit card - so it's not necessary to have a PayPal account. You will receive confirmation and a receipt via the web and email. And again, this is a one-time thing and not recurring.

"Subscribe" to Panama-Guide: If you choose to subscribe then you will be billed $20 per year (that's it). If you subscribe today, then next year on the anniversary of your subscription then you will automatically be billed again, for another $20 bucks. And of course you'll get receipts and confirmation via email and the web. Once again, it will run through the PayPal system, but you can pay with any credit card if you don't have a PayPal account.

Want To Donate Stuff? When I was talking to the long-time reader who I met on the street, he also suggested I might open the door to accept donations of physical items - for example from someone who is leaving Panama and cleaning out the corners. He said he knew someone who recently left and was frustrated with trying to sell an older model used car, and the person eventually just abandoned the vehicle on the side of the road somewhere. So anyway, if you've got something that needs a good home let me know. My wife's church group helps poor people in Panama all the time and I'm sure we can find a good use for just about anything. So, that's another option.

Insert Sheepish Grin Here: Thank you all, very much. I know it it wasn't for my readers and the website traffic you all represent then I'd be screwed, so thanks a million even if you don't want to donate or subscribe - I hope you'll still respect me in the morning... I'm going to find a place on the front page somewhere with a small banner or button that will link back to this article so you should be able to find it if you change your mind in the future. Anyway, once again, thanks for your continuing support.

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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