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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 02:46 am EDT

"A Night For Peluca" - Raising Funds To Help A Friend

Bands & Music The truth is that the event organized by the friends of Ricardo “Peluca” Isaza - called "A Night For Peluca” - was very emotional and, above all, demonstrated that he is a beloved character. Last Wednesday in Nuvo Disco in Marbella many local artists, theater actors, TV presenters, DJs, musicians and the media came together to donate their talents to raise funds for "Peluca" to help cover his medical costs for treatment. Last 29 July 2011 doctors detected a fault in his bone marrow, which does not supply enough red blood cells and platelets to his body, and he has been hospitalized in the Santo Tomas hospital. At the event supporters "souvenirs", CD's, and stickers - raising more than $8,700 dollars. Notably Joaquin Carrasquilla donated a collectible Star Wars statue that was auctioned for $700 dollars. (Mi Diario)

Editor's Comment: "Peluca" is a friend of mine, great drummer, one of the founders of "Panama Rock" - I used to get merrily hammered watching him with Juan Sin Tierra and Pitongo play classic rock songs at the "old" Pavo Real. I really hope he gets well soon. I understand he has since been transferred from Santo Tomas to the Oncological hospital. Peluca has a lot of friends, and he's really a great dude.

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