Search Continues For Missing Aircraft in Panama

Wednesday, August 24 2011 @ 07:45 PM EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

The discovery of an unopened life jacket floating along the coast near the town of Garachiné in the Darien province leads rescuers to believe the bodies of the five officers of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) who were aboard the plane missing since last Friday, could be in that area. The director of the AAC, Rafael Barcenas said the vest was located 100 meters from the coast near Garachiné where the plane supposedly crashed with six occupants.

He stressed that the search area of ​​the aircraft and its occupants was expanded, so have more resources to these tasks, which are concentrated in the area of ​​Gonzalo Vasquez. The search for the missing people resumed on Wednesday at 7:00 am. "The search will continue, as I told the family members, until time dictates it is physically impossible to find their relatives," he said. Barcenas said the air search will not be canceled until the bodies are found.

An autopsy on the body of Victor Rodriguez, the only occupant found so far, said he died of trauma from accidents. Yesterday, four aircraft joined the three helicopters departing form the Marcos A. Gelabert, Albrook to participate in the search. Meanwhile, the relatives of the missing persons arrived at the terminal in search of information on the results of the search and rescue operation. So far no wreckage has been found, nor the other five occupants of the airplane.

Also yesterday, the first lady of the Republic, Marta Linares de Martinelli said her office has formed a support group for the relatives of the disappeared. She explained they would help with social workers, who will study the needs of each family of the victims. (La Prensa)

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