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Tuesday, June 19 2018 @ 10:32 AM EDT

Mariano Rivera Get's Save Number 600

Sports SectionMariano Riveraís 600th career save, only the second pitcher in MLB history to reach that impressive milestone, should have ended with a strikeout. Instead, it was Ichiro caught stealing, after hitting a single off Rivera earlier. After Russell Martin caught Ichiro, it was time for some modest celebrating. No big screams, no big yells, no jumping around too much. At 41, nothing makes you jump around too much. Maybe its the knowledge that saves are a somehwhat overrated stat. Or maybe just the fact that he knows heís regarded as the greatest closer ever due to his clinical pitching in the playoffs, not the number of Saves he racks up each season (41 so far this season). The foucs is the World Series at the end of the year, donít be mistaken. Rivera is two saves away from passing Trevor Hoffman and becoming the all-time leader in Saves, but the postseason is what he truly cares about - "Iím not focused on that. Iím not that type of guy. Iím a team player. I tell you guys many times and Iíll continue to tell you, it doesnít depend on myself. It depends on my teammates giving me the opportunity to be able to pitch."

The Yankees got to win no. 90 with a 3-2 win over the Seattle Mariners, with Robinson Cano hitting a home run (his 26th this season) and 2 RBIs, making it 111 for him this year. Riveraís achievement was almost delayed. David Robertson got in some trouble with a 2-0 count and a walk, so Mariano came on to finish the job.

Derek Jeter whoís been with him since the start for the Yankees was able to relate, not only because theyíve won so much together and played together for so long. He also had his own big milestone moment this year, reaching the coveted 3000 hit mark. Weíve been close for a long time and I know how important it is for him to come in and do his job. He takes a lot of pride in it. Heís a prideful guy.

Joe Girardi wasnít shy of giving away some compliments, feeling good after the win - I donít know if weíll ever see it again. Thatís how much of an accomplishment this is that he and Trevor Hoffman have done. Simply remarkable. This is a guy who I believe is the best closer thatís ever been in the game and Iíve had the fortune of catching him, coaching him and managing him and itís a treat.

The closest pitcher even remotely close to Rivera among active pitchers is Francisco Cordero, whoís 36, with 322 saves. Like Girardi said, itíll be a very unlikely occasion to see anyone reach these numbers again.

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Mariano Rivera Get\'s Save Number 600
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, September 15 2011 @ 11:31 AM EDT

It's a pleasure seeing someone earn and achieve a milestone record. Rivera's feat reminds me of a quote from a U.S. Supreme Court Justice that once said " everyday as I go to work I read the sports' section first to see man's accomplishments, then I proceed to the front page to see man's failures." Eventhough the game has evolved between starting pitchers and relievers and I forsee the controversy of the greatest pitchers , Mariano will have the honor of being the most dominant closer of all-time in the History of Baseball...thanks..