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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 11:13 AM UTC

American Society Dinner - 27 September 2011

Groups & OrganizationsOnly one more week to buy your tickets! On Sept 27 at 7:00pm join the American Society members & friends for a unique dining experience at Fire & Ice Restaurant on Calle 49 between Frederico Boyd & Uruguay in Bella Vista. (valet parking) Enjoy the Mongolian barbecue that is prepared while you watch, from the large selection of fresh meats, seafood, vegetabels as well as the broad choice of internationa sauces. Plus, your choices from the Pasta Bar & Salad Bar with even more delicious sauces. The prices are $25 for members and $35 for non-members. Tickets must be purchased in advance from any of the people listed here: Marilyn Johnson 6583-1165 / 250-0799,Steve Walling 6612-8449, Cedric Gittens 223-5526, Theo Chambers 6116-6063, Robert Emerick 314-0480, Eunice A. Greaves 6616-1896 / 229-4009, David Hunt 6496-9200, Toni Williams-Sanchez 6683-7816 / 250-0274, Hari Singh 232-7140 / 6758-9854. Dental Clinic of Dr. Charly Garcia, Balboa Ave 6618-8877 "Promises", Golf Plaza, Calle 74E San Francisco 270-7457, Email: Visit our web site: for updates.
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