Taxi Drivers Can Start Charging Higher Rates Now

Thursday, September 22 2011 @ 06:38 PM EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

The new tariff scheme, the only requirement needed for taxi drivers in the districts of Panama and San Miguelito to being to charge the higher rates, was approved by the Transit Authority and Land Transport (ATTT). With this document which specifies the new tariffs by zones and sectors, taxi drivers may charge the passage adjustment approved by the Board of Directors of the ATTT on 28 July. The increases in taxi fares vary from 5 cents to 20 cents for the seven different sectors of the city, which extends from the Causeway to Costa del Este. With the new scheme approved by the ATTT, the minimum fare, which previously was $1.00, now is $1.20. Each additional passenger will be charged 50 cents, and on Sundays and holidays taxi drivers can charge an additional 30 cents, over and above the base fare of $1.20. To cross over the three main roads (Via España, Tumba Muerto, and Transístmica) in order to get to a certain place, passengers will be charged an additional 30 cents. Rafael Reyes, secretary general of the Association of Christian Taxi Drivers of Panama and the leader of the Provincial Board, said the new fares can be charged starting this week. According to the union carrier, the taxi stops should begin removing the old rate charts and drivers should start carrying the new scheme to avoid confusion with users.

SCHEME TO BE VISIBLE - For the new scheme, he said, security measures were taken to prevent counterfeiting to make sure the drivers are charging the users a fair rate. For safety, the document shall bear the logo of the ATTT in the background in which the fee schedule appears, also on the back was placed a distinctive entity, and further the image of a taxi. (Siglo)

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