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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 01:06 AM UTC

Volunteers Clean Veracruz Beach As Part of International Beach Cleanup Day

Environmental IssuesThe popular beach of Veracruz, in the district of Arraiján, was yesterday the subject of a cleanup efforts led by students and workers in the area, as a prelude to the activities to be carried around the world to celebrate the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup day. Participants gathered a ton of trash that included glass and plastic bottles, paper and trees, among other materials. All the trash was transported to the landfill by the company Aseo Capital, responsible for garbage collection in Arraiján. Juan B. McKay, the Communications Officer for London & Regional Panama, said this day is a combination of efforts between companies located in this district and government entities. "Tomorrow marks the International Day of beach cleaning and we decided to pick up trash in this place yesterday, Friday, because we could count on the cooperation of students, who are individuals who must be educated to care for the environment," said McKay.

José Agustín de Obaldia, of Promar and the organizer of the beach cleanup, said the global effort began last Sunday with the participation of 120 countries. "In Panama, due to the tides, we were going to start on Sunday. However some organizations wanted to do this before, so we started yesterday," he said. This is an educational activity for awareness of citizens to not harm the environment, explained De Obaldia. These cleanups will be offered throughout the Pacific coast of Panama. Jennifer Rivas, a student, said the beaches should be kept clean, and not to endanger the lives marine pollution caused by the mismanagement of waste. (Siglo)

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