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Sunday, May 19 2019 @ 10:41 AM UTC

Now 15,000+ News Articles About Panama Published On This Website

What is PG? #Panama - By DON WINNER for - Another milestone to take note of. This article, the one you are reading right now, is the 15,000th article published on this website since it's inception on 27 August 2004. Less than a year ago, on 6 December 2010, I published this article - Now More Than 13,000 Articles Published on Panama-Guide - so in the past 307 days there have been 2,000 new articles for an average of 6.5 per day, including weekends, holidays, and times when I'm off screwing around chasing bad guys or whatever. If you start counting from 27 August 2004 this website has been on the internet for 2,599 days - and doing the math - that's an average of 5.7 articles per day. So, over the past year we've been producing content slightly more prolifically than in the past - another simple fact for the the bean counters of the world to ponder.

Quality Over Quantity: One of the most important things I do is filter the wheat from the chaff. I try to pick out a handful of articles every day that I think will be of importance to our community of English speaking expatriates. It might be something about the weather, taxes, politics, or something really important like hot chicks in bikinis. And then part two of that equation is I provide a quick analysis of what I think that particular news article means. How it will impact us in the future. Why is it important. What are the emerging trends. What should you be looking out for down the road. What lessons can be learned from the mistakes of others, etc. I would like to think those are 15,000 individual reports, any one of which could stand alone on it's own merit. There's a lot of work and man hours represented there. If you've been reading this website for years, then you might want to Donate, Subscribe, or Send Me Stuff... (sheepish grin).

Traffic Is Still Good: Now consider this - as of right now we've had 5,237,412 visitors to the website - more than five million people who have come to read the 15,000 articles we've published - and we still see more than 125,000 unique visitors per month, and about 6,000 or so visitors per day. Every year during the height of the rainy season (the slow season for visitors and tourists in Panama) there's a slight dip to traffic levels. And then once the rains stop and the vacations start, the traffic surges again. No matter - the more I do this job, the less I look (stare) at charts, graphs, traffic levels, and numbers. We've seen slow and steady growth over the years, a trend that continues at a fundamental, strategic level. The Javier Martin story will be featured on CBS early next year so there will be another big jump from that. Anyway, for what it's worth. It's just that 15,000 seems like a nice, round number, something worth taking the time to make note of. Here's to the next 15,000...

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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