Two Brothers Skipped School, Went For A Swim, and Drowned

Friday, October 21 2011 @ 12:09 PM EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

"No chance to see him one last time." Amid tears lamented Querima, the grandmother of Luis and Ángel Bustamante, twelve and eight years old respectively, who drowned Wednesday afternoon in an excavation that was filled with water, known as the El Laguito. On Wednesday at noon the two children left their home in Las Paredes, sector # 3 of the neighborhood of 24 de Diciembre, reportedly headed for the Santa María de Los Ángeles school, where the older brother was in sixth grade and the younger one in second, but apparently they decided to go for a swim in El Laguito. Their absence was noted at 6:00 pm when they did not come home from school. Then family and friends started looking for them everywhere.

A man who was near the lake reported finding school uniforms near the hole, and then he saw the two bodies, one of the children was naked and the other wore only underwear. Humberto Bustamante, the father of the victims, had to pull his sons from the lake. Luis was underneath, and Ángel was on his shoulders. The scene broke down the father, who fell to the floor crying over the loss of his two children because, according to him, despite their antics they were very dear children and loved by the community.

Days earlier, Humberto had a dream (nightmare) in which he bought two white coffins, and Luis said he had a dream about dirty water, listed by the family as bad omens. The Bustamante brothers loved soccer and they played in community leagues. Luis was a fan of Real Madrid and Angel, of Barcelona. (Dia a Dia)

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