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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 12:36 AM UTC

Government Contracting To Clean Up Oil Spill in Colon

Environmental Issues#Panama - The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) is in the process of hiring a company to perform the work of "bioremediation" to clean up the waters of a "wheel" (containment wall) and mangroves that were affected by a bunker spill in the area of Mont Hope, in the province of Colon. Abraham Martinez, the Director of Pollution of the AMP, explained this spill was caused by a leak that occurred in December 2010 due to damage to underground pipes, and it created a layer six inches deep in the "wheel" (containment wall) that surrounds the storage tanks. Martinez said this layer has already been collected and there are now clots of oil in the water, so they are in the process of hiring a company that will be responsible for the cleanup. According to Martinez, at least three companies have shown interest in participating in this cleaning process, but they must meet the requirements laid out in "Panama Compra." An environmentalist who asked not to be named, said this bunker spill will take its toll on the ecology of the area, and there are approximately 15,000 square meters affected. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: What? An "unnamed environmentalist"? That's got to be a first. Normally the most dangerous place on the planet is a space between any environmentalist and a microphone. OK, so there's a spill, and it's going to be cleaned up. Got it. But this "unnamed environmentalist" is probably a government employee who gave some additional information to the reporter, but he can't go on the record. The mysterious "hooded tree hugger..." - yeah, right.

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