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Sunday, April 22 2018 @ 06:39 AM EDT

More Than 12,000 Police Officers Will Be On Duty During "Fiestas Patrias" in Panama

Safety & Security#Panama - Police officials said an estimated 12,000 officers will be working in the capital district to provide support (during the upcoming Independence Day celebrations), while another 1,000 will do so in the interior of the country. They also announced that devices like the "Pele Police" will be used during operations on all national holidays. In addition, the cars and licenses of those arrested for drunkenness will be seized. Police Commissioner Javier Fanuco, the Director of Operations of the National Police, said the 12,000 police officers will be deployed not only in the areas where parades are being held, but also in residential, commercial, and banking areas, which by their nature continue their activities.
He added that 100% of the police force will be working because two months ago the National Police eliminated all vacation time during those dates. Fanuco added the parade route will be manned by a total of almost 1,000 police officers, who will be supported administratively from the headquarters of Ancon, where the festival will be monitored. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Panama's "Fiestas Patrias" (National Holidays) are coming up next week. On November 3, 1903 Panama formally separated from Colombia and established the Republic of Panama. Since declaring independence from Spain in 1821, Panama was part of the Republic of Gran Colombia. However, Panama tried to claim its independence several times during this period. Finally, with the assistance of the United States, the country became an independent nation in 1903. Panamanians celebrate this day with parades. Flag day is November 4th. Colon Day is Panama’s version of Columbus Day. It is celebrated on November 5th each year. This starts the "holiday season" in Panama. Once we get past the Independence day celebrations, there's Mother's day, Christmas, New Years, Martyr's Day, Carnival, and then finally Holy Week. And of course all of this happens during the "summer" months of the dry season when everyone is looking for any reason to skip out of work and run off to the beach. In short, it will now be harder to get anything done, and that will last until after Easter.

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