Cleanup of Mudslides Continues in Quebrada Ancha

Monday, November 14 2011 @ 01:28 pm EST

Contributed by: Don Winner

#Panama - The Governor of Colon, Pedro Rios, inspected the work being done on the road between Panama and Colon this morning that was damaged by the rains that hit the province last November 9. Since November 11 this part of the road, specifically near Quebrada Ancha, has been closed due to the work being done to remove mudslides that had blocked the road. This has caused the inhabitants of Buena Vista, Salamanca, San Juan and Santa Rosa to spend more money on transportation because they have to make transfers to reach their destinations. Rios said the work is progressing, but they still need to clean the road, so therefore the new highway from Panama to Colon will be free (no tolls) until the work is complete. (Prensa)

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