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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 10:03 AM EDT

Adolfo "Beby" Valderrama Comes Out In Defense of Varela

Panama News#Panama - After the Panama America newspaper published today a report which reveals that Vice President Juan Carlos Varela designated his political party partisans as notaries and then diverted money from the notaries public of Los Santos, Cocle and Colón to the Panameñistas, National Assembly Deputy Adolfo "Beby" Valderrama came to his defense. Valderrama said that as of a few months ago the news articles published in the Panama America newspaper are to directly attack Vice President Juan Carlos Varela or any other member of their political party. "This newspaper has never published a front page with the theme of Juan Hombrón, about the additional costs for the radars, about the case of Anabel Villamonte, or the women who protested at the party headquarters, among others," he told local media.

Valderrama said the Panama America newspaper is focused on their news and the reality against the (Panemñista) party, but not to report the truth. Faced with this situation, "it's clear to me that this newspaper should establish a path to more objective information," he said. He said the Panama America newspaper is allowing itself to be used as part of a political attack against Varela based on rumors. "The reality is this printed newspaper ignores all acts of corruption made by this administration," he said.

Adolfo Valderrama - National Assembly Deputy from the Panameñista political party.

The deputy asked the government to clarify whether or not he owns the Panama America newspaper, because members of the board are close to the President of the Republic. "You have to be objective in reporting news and not to attack members of one political party," he said.

Although his statements were only to attack this newspaper (Panama America), Valderrama chose to not address the issue of a structure in the shadows created by the Panameñista party, presided over by Vice President Varela, to divert money from the notaries to members of this group. The notaries from Los Santos, Zairo Moreno Vega; from Colón, Nedelka Krupskala Navas, and from Coclé, Paula María González, delivered documents, checks and receipts that show these maneuvers. In their remarks the three notaries described how the network used to divert the money functioned. Moreover, the person responsible for collecting and managing the funds in an irregular manner was the lawyer Fatima De La Guardia, who presented herself as having been sent by one of the Vice President's private secretaries.

Tomorrow in our print edition you will find a story about one of Varela's private secretaries, who accompanies him in the sun and shade. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Adolfo "Beby" Valderrama is 100% on "Team Varela".

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