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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 10:03 AM EDT

Alleged Serial Killer Extradited From The Dominican Republic to Panama

Panama NewsThe Dominican known as Fermín Antonio Taveras, a suspect in the kidnapping and murder of five young Panamanians of Chinese descent, was subjected to a standard medical examination. Taveras was examined by forensic experts of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences to determine his health status, said Dimas Guevara, the Auxiliary Prosecutor who is heading the investigation. Injuries on his hands will also by analyzed, possibly the result of an operation to try to delete or modify his fingerprints. Upon completion of the medical evaluation, Taveras will be interrogated. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: The Dominican Fermín Antonio Taveras was extradited from the Dominican Republic to Panama last night, Monday, 21 November 2011. Yesterday president Ricardo Martinelli said via his Twitter account: "Felicitamos a Alvaro Alvarado porque por el pudimos capturar al peligroso dominicano acusado supuestamente de asesinar 5 chorreranos." (We congratulate Alvaro Alvarado because thanks to him we were able to capture the dangerous Dominican accused of allegedly assassinating 5 people from La Chorrera.) This morning Alvaro Alvarado - the morning news anchor on the channel 13 Telemetro broadcast - basically said "WTF?" in response to Martinelli's tweet. Here's what happened. About a week or two ago, Alvarado Alvarado interviewed this suspect Fermín Antonio Taveras via telephone on the morning news program. Taveras called in to Alvarado's morning news program on the phone, to make allegations that Panamanian police officers were allegedly involved in the kidnappings. Obviously, Martinelli was saying - thanks to the phone call - the law enforcement services of both Panama and the Dominican Republic were able to use technical assets and resources to trace the source of the telephone call and arrest the suspect. On the air this morning Alvaro Alvarado was acting scared - saying things like it could "put his life in danger" or whatever - as if the statements by the president might be understood to mean that he personally had either cooperated or provided information to the law enforcement authorities which resulted in the arrest of the serial killer. To that I would say - so what? I do it all the time. If I have information - any information - the authorities could use to lock up a serial killer, then they get that information. But the fact they were able to "back door" the killer sort of freaked Alvarado out. And guess what - that means he didn't provide any information to the authorities. Wow ... if the government was PRD he would have given himself a cramp by trying to help...

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