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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 04:06 AM UTC

39 Arrested, Twelve Nightclubs Sanctioned in "Carrot Law" Busts

Nightlife, Bars, and Partying The Mayor of Panama City in a press release reported the closing of "My Bodeguita" and the sanctioning of twelve nightclubs for failing to comply with Decrees Number 1896 and 1899, which established the "Carrot Law." This came after raids conducted this weekend. The press release said during these operations 39 people were arrested for disrespect to the authorities. Some people were arrested because they were illegal immigrants, and others who are involved in prostitution without an updated health card or permit. They were turned over to the "competent authorities."

Municipal authorities during a Preventive Security operation visited neighborhoods in the areas of Calidonia, Santa Ana, 24 de Diciembre, Juan Diaz, San Francisco (Calle Uruguay), where several bars and nightclubs were fined for violating the decree governing limits on the sound levels (decibels) in nightclubs. The action was led by Justice of the Peace on shift, Luis Morales and the coordinator of the Justices of the Peace, Reynaldo Morales, personal from the office of Municipal Surveillance, as well as from the Law and Justice office, among other officials. The coordinator of the Justices of the Peace Reynaldo Morales said operations will continue in the 21 different sectors of the capital city in order to reduce the high rate of delinquencies that occur daily in our country. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: Did you see where I highlighted the line about how most of the 39 people who were arrested were charged with "disrespect for the authorities"? So, you went out with your friends on Saturday night to go partying. It's now early morning on Sunday, and you're sitting in a bar at 3:00 am. According to the new "carrot law" the bar is supposed to be closed already, but there you are. The municipal cops (brown shirts) come in the front door and start yelling or whatever. One of them asks you for your identification, and before you can say "WTF" they've got you handcuffed and in the back of a paddy wagon for "disrespect". In these raids over the weekend twelve bars and nightclubs were fined. One, Mi Bodeguita, was shut down. And now the Panamanians are complaining that the "carrot law" was never supposed to target the clients but rather the bar owners, so why were these people arrested. Disrespect. You might get just a little bit of extra slack because you're a drunk dumbass gringo, and a drunk dumbass Panamanian cab driver will go away a whole lot quicker, but don't press your luck. Just say "yes, sir" a lot and get the hell out of there. Golly, isn't this going to be great for tourism? Visit Panama, have a few adult beverages, and get thrown in jail. Well, at least you can pay a quick bribe to get out... (grin)

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