Crushed By A Backhoe As He Was Leaving His House

Friday, December 02 2011 @ 04:06 PM EST

Contributed by: Don Winner

Sixto Quijada, 68, was leaving his house yesterday to attend the funeral of his cousin, but fate decided that rather than saying goodbye, he was going to join him. Quijada, a heavy equipment operator, was staying in the area of ​​Villas de las Acacias, in Juan Diaz. As he left the house to board his pickup truck, at that exact moment one of the pieces of heavy machinery he had parked behind the house suffered a mechanical failure. As if part of a movie, the bucket of a backhoe, which was parked one meter away from the car, fell off and pinned Quijada's body against the door of his car. The unfortunate man received the direct pressure of the hydraulic arm and the force was so great that it broke his legs and caused lacerations to his face and torso. The irony is that Sixto could not call for help because the pressure was concentrated on his rib cage, making it impossible to speak. Caught in the doorway, he spent a few minutes until the pressure closed off his breathing. Despite the spectacular crash, it took four hours for a neighbor to notice what had happened. Interestingly, Quijada suffered a traffic accident last week in which the rear wheel of his car fell off as he was driving. (Mi Diario)

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