"Flag Counter" Hits 1 Million US Visitors In Just Two Years

Friday, December 09 2011 @ 06:42 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for Panama-Guide.com - On 8 December 2009 I threw a new traffic counting tool on the website. I saw this "flag counter" thing on some other website, thought it was cool, so I decided to use it. Flag Counter uses the IP addresses of those who visit the website to keep track of where they are coming from, and it can generate a report based on that traffic and data collected. It's a pretty cool tool. I know that about half of my traffic comes from the United States, about one third from Panama, and everyone else from the "rest of the world." Well, I've noticed that the number of visitors from the United States has been creeping towards the 1 million mark and I didn't know when it was going to go over. That happened sometime either last night or this morning, exactly two years to the day after I put the counter on the website. I like round numbers and I thought this one was cool, for what it's worth. Whatever, I'm a geek, and geeks like numbers, and big numbers of visitors is a good thing. Another cool thing about the Flag Counter app - someone visited the website from Antarctica. How "cool" is that?

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Panama-Guide.com. Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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