Prices For Paint Increasing in Panama

Friday, December 16 2011 @ 05:28 pm EST

Contributed by: Don Winner

Consumers are at a crossroads in these holidays at the end of the year. And, in addition to budgeting for Christmas dinner and toys, taking into account inflation, this phenomenon has also seeped into the price of paint. Prices have risen about 12% compared to last year, said Marco Gonzalez, general manager of Glidden. The cause of the high price of paint is due to increases in the prices of the raw materials used to manufacture these products, used mainly at the end of the year to give new life and color to the facades and interiors of houses, said the businessman. Susana Lezcano can give witness of this new reality, a housewife who decided this year to change the color of the front of her house. She has already invested $60 in three gallons of paint, or $20 per gallon. Lezcano said in 2010 she only spent about $25 to paint the front of her house with the same color. "It is clear the price of some brands of paint has increased, especially those of quality. Next year I will leave the front of my house the same color, because it's a luxury to give it a different touch," said Lezcano.

A survey by DIAaDIA confirmed that although the increases are the order of the day, there are paints of some brands available for $7.95 a gallon, specifically in tones less in demand. While the most expensive ranging from $15.95 onwards, especially if the color is prepared. (Dia a Dia)

Editor's Comment: It's a Panamanian tradition to paint your house or apartment just before Christmas, so that the place looks nice for visitors, special dinners, pictures, etc.

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