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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 07:25 PM EDT

Lottery Drawings Freaking People Out in Panama

History & ReferenceA number ending in "666" was drawn as the first prize of the Special Drawing of the National Lottery on Sunday, prompting speculation from some who say it's a sign of the coming of the end of the world, and others who say it's related to the return of the former military dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega to Panama. As we know the 666 is a Biblical number associated with the evil Satan. The expert in predictions Makumbero did not rule out that with Noriega in prison the number 666 came out as in indication that everything that was bad in Panama is in the past and we should be preparing to receive a 2012 full of blessings, happiness and prosperity. "It's a message that everything negative is behind us," he said, but it also show that sometimes evil brings good, for the people who bought the right lottery number. "El Makumbero," who offers his predictions through the pages of the El Siglo newspaper, urged people to have a positive mind and not allow themselves to receive suggestions through this type of number associated with evil, but rather to believe more in a spirit of strength and positivity. The evangelical pastor Albin Garcia said the satanic number 666 is a contrast to 7, meaning fullness. He referred to Revelation 13:18: "Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666." For the pastor of the church Peace to You, all who in recent times are not marked with 666 live with great difficulty, because the strength of the Antichrist wants to affect. He recalled that 666 is the number of the Antichrist, who will try to impose evil, greed and sin over believers of a saving God. He noted that the message to men is to change their way of life, and prepare for the coming of the Lord. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: Last weekend, on Sunday when Manuel Antonio Noriega was flown from Paris to Panama, the number "89" played in the lottery. Many people noticed this was the same year - 1989 - that Noriega was removed from power in Panama. And now this very next weekend "666" plays in the lottery? Panamanians are generally very superstitious people - and this one was just too much. "89" when he's on the plane, "666" once he's on the ground. And remember Noriega was famous for being involved in witchcraft and sorcery. Here in Panama they call it "brujeria" (witchcraft) or sometimes "Santerķa" - a type of Afro Caribbean magic. During the US invasion of Panama I went into one of Noriega's headquarters on Amador and there we found an altar with fresh animal blood and other evidence. "The book was discovered when U.S. troops raided a house used by Noriega for black-magic rituals. Evidence indicated that Oliveira, the latest of several witches employed by Noriega over the years, had fled minutes before U.S. troops arrived. Inside they found burning cigarettes, lit candles and Oliveira's purse. Also found in the two-story building, situated on the joint U.S.-Panamanian military base of Fort Amador and dubbed the ``witch house'' by U.S. forces, were belongings of Oliveira and her husband and a son, including her son's birth certificate. The papers and photos Oliveira left behind show her as a plump, dark-skinned 27-year-old woman from Rio de Janeiro. Several books in Portuguese on Candomble - a Brazilian religion similar to, but not the same as, voodoo - were left behind, along with her personal manual, titled ``Exu,'' on magic rites and spells. ``Exu,'' meaning ``the devil,'' must be propitiated at the start of Candomble ceremonies so he will not disrupt the rites, the religion's adherents believe." "U.S. investigators say they have found items used in occult rituals at five places frequented by Noriega, including the home where his wife and children lived and his main office. Discovered in his office desk were photographs of unidentified murder victims, including some whose bodies had been mutilated. Most of Noriega's religious items are associated with Candomble, a synthesis of Roman Catholicism and African tribal beliefs in which gods and saints are propitiated with ritual offerings. But other objects showed that Noriega also practiced a ``malevolent'' form of the religion involving ``diabolical'' spells, Dibble said. Most puzzling, he said, was the discovery of two items associated with Palo Mayombe, a religion that requires the use of human bones and body parts, especially skulls and brains. Palo Mayombe is based on the belief that spirits can be created from dead people and then invoked for assistance and protection, said Dibble, who advises U.S. law-enforcement agencies on ``cults and deviant movements.'' He said many Latin American drug traffickers adhere to the sect. Among the objects found at Noriega's ``witch house'' was a rock covered with Palo Mayombe markings. Under it was a list of two dozen enemies including the ``Spadafora family.'' Indications that Noriega may have followed Palo Mayombe are considered inconclusive."

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