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Saturday, February 23 2019 @ 05:22 AM UTC

"Is There A Theater Arts Council in Panama?"

Theater & Fine Arts By DON WINNER for - Received today via email: "Hi Don, I'm a theater producer from L.A. and am looking to connect with the arts community in Panama. is there an arts council of any sort? Who would you recommend I speak to, if you don't mind my asking? JMJ."

Start With The INAC: In Panama there is a government organization called the Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INAC) (National Institute of Culture.) They should be your "official portal" into the world of the community of fine arts in the Republic of Panama. However, since they are a governmental agency, chances are good you'll come away with some good information and leads, but you would also be well served to tag into the people who are involved in the arts as directors, producers, actors, and the like. Among the community of English speaking expatriates in Panama the clear leader is the Theater Guild of Ancon in Panama City. Many of the productions are based around the individual theaters themselves, and one of the most important and prolific is the Teatro en Circulo. Their website is not up to date (they still have their program for 2010 listed) but their contact information is there, and they can steer you towards making some contacts. You should also visit Teatro de Panama (Theater in Panama), which is much more up to date and current, and that website provides an overall view of the entire local industry. And as far as individuals is concerned, they have a listing of all of the active Actors and Actresses with their bios listed. And in getting away from Panama City, there's the Boquete Community Players, another active group of mostly expatriates. Anyway, that should be more than enough information to get started. Hope this helps.

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