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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 01:33 pm EDT

Best GPS Map of Panama - - But Avoid Jerry Ray Hall

Maps By DON WINNER for - I met Steve Magaric for the first time back in early 2004, while shooting pool at the old Pavo Real pub which used to be in the banking district. He was a relatively good shooter - in fact we were pretty evenly matched - and we would hang out, shoot pool, and over the years we became good friends. To make a long story short, he is the driving force and developer behind the best GPS maps of Panama, and he sells them through his website Now, do you want to hear the rest of the story? Grab a beer, pull up a bar stool, and I'll tell you what happened between my good friend Steve Magaric and that crazy son of a bitch Jerry Ray Hall. Yup, Steve and Jerry were partners, and now their business relationship has gone South (predictably, because Jerry Ray Hall is a certifiable nut case.) Anyway, here's what happened.

We've Got History: Before you go too much further you should know Jerry Ray Hall and I have butted heads on several occasions in the past. He's one of those guys who's a criminal, a real son-of-a-bitch, and top it off with the fact he's flat out crazy - and I mean bat shit nuts. I sort of like having him in the category of people who are really, really pissed off at me. You know, along with all of the other people I've exposed over the years for having done bad things, broken the law, or what have you. Here's a collection of some of the most memorable Jerry Ray Hall articles I've published in case you want to get caught up on your "there goes another whack-job" reading;

Anyway, That's Enough: Jerry Ray Hall is flat out nuts. He's a lying, manipulative, sociopath of the worst order. I simply can't say enough bad stuff about this prick. I mean, words fail me. You get the idea. I don't like the guy. He was ripping people off here in Panama with an immigration scam, and when I found out he was actually running for congress in Texas I went full-court press against him. I made sure the local media in Texas knew all about him, his lies, his past, and what he had done to others here in Panama. By the time I was done with him he was dodging both the local media in Texas and the very same people who he wanted to vote for him. He came in dead last, tucked his tail between his legs, and ran for home (which, unfortunately, is Panama.)

My Friend Steve Made A Mistake: Many years ago my friend Steve Magaric went into business with Jerry Ray Hall. I warned Steve many times over the years that eventually it would go bad because Jerry Ray Hall is a certifiable nut case, and this week it finally did. Steve worked literally for years to create and develop the flat-out best GPS maps in Panama. Jerry did nothing. Steve built and developed the website. Jerry did nothing. Basically, Steve broke his ass and made the company a success, in spite of the presence and existence of Jerry Ray Hall. And now, Jerry Ray Hall has, predictably, turned on my friend and is trying to screw him over. My response? Free advertising for life for Steve Magaric and his company What's the pitch? Steve built the maps from the ground up. He know's what he's doing. Jerry Ray Hall is trying to sell the same product however he has no idea how to update the maps, keep them current, run the website, or utter a coherent sentence without going off on a lunatic, raging rant. Buy your maps from Steve because Jerry Ray Hall is a complete and total prick. A real bastard. Please, go buy a map from Steve just to screw over Jerry Ray Hall, even if you don't need one. This, my friends, is going to be fun...

Avoid Like The Plague: I'm not going to link to Jerry Ray Hall's website because I don't want to give him one single visitor. His website is www (dot) panama (dash) gps (dot) com. He posts a cell phone of 6615-7441 and an email address of He likes to use aliases, so heads up. Really, I mean it - could not be more serious - this is one criminally insane dude. Nut job of the first order. You want nothing to do with this guy, at all. Run away as fast as you can. Really. Only bad things can come from any contact with this dude. He's now lying about the way his business broke up with Steve Magaric. There are no hackers. There was no loss of control of the website - Jerry's problem is that Steve owns the domain and has control of the website. Their business relationship has been dissolved. Steve is a great dude, a good guy, straight shooter, and responsible for any element of success this company ever had. Jerry Ray Hall has less redeeming value than a turd floating in a kiddie pool. Flush at will. So, Happy New Year you crazy son of a bitch! That sound you just heard was Jerry Ray Hall's head exploding. Drats, foiled again...

Copyright 2011 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Best GPS Map of Panama - - But Avoid Jerry Ray Hall | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Best GPS Map of Panama - - But Avoid Jerry Ray Hall
Authored by: oldmanandthesea on Saturday, December 31 2011 @ 05:16 pm EST

Don, thanks for this article and the links to the older articles. It was a pleasant stroll down memory lane. I also want to thank Dennis and Reggie for allowing my post on Panama Forum regarding Jerry Hall.

It was on Panama Forum where all of the original stuff took place and I thought I was providing a community service in exposing Jerry Hall, but because two of the moderators there, Leslie and Melodye, were good friends of Okke Ornstein who happened to be a good friend of Hall's, I was soon banned there.

I've spent literally hundreds of hours researching that guy and I don't believe I've ever run into someone as evil as he is. It's going to be interesting to see how the thing with Steve works out.

Clyde Jenkins

Best GPS Map of Panama - - But Avoid Jerry Ray Hall
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, December 31 2011 @ 06:25 pm EST

I concur totally.I have ridden many a mile with Steve Magaric and I have no doubt he is an honorable man. And a bloody clever one too. Good on you for going to bat for him Don, he deserves success.

Best GPS Map of Panama - - But Avoid Jerry Ray Hall
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, December 31 2011 @ 07:05 pm EST


Can you be a little more explicit? Tell us readers how you REALLY feel? LOL

Best GPS Map of Panama - - But Avoid Jerry Ray Hall
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, January 01 2012 @ 04:34 pm EST

Ah, jeez. Not this sh*t again!

Your son, Jerry. Your son.

Think of him and the legacy you are leaving him.

Really, you don't care about him, do you?

Pathetic little coward.

Best GPS Map of Panama - - But Avoid Jerry Ray Hall
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, January 03 2012 @ 08:10 am EST

Hi Don,

Funny at the same time as your article was posted I began receiving email solicitations from Jerry Ray Hall.

I don't know how he obtained my email address as I have only purchased from Steve. I guess he raided the email database before they parted company.

I for one only give my business to Steve.

Keep up the good work.



Best GPS Map of Panama - - But Avoid Jerry Ray Hall
Authored by: oldmanandthesea on Tuesday, January 03 2012 @ 09:55 am EST

Here's what Jerry just posted on his website. I hope that Steve goes after his ass for calumnia y injuria and nails him big time.

Clyde Jenkins

(The rest of the comment was deleted because it contained a link to another website, and the ramblings of a lunatic - Jerry Ray Hall).