Back In The Saddle After Holidays - Year End Statistics

Tuesday, January 03 2012 @ 04:01 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for - That was a nice little break. I took a couple of days off for New Years - went to a water park with my daughter, slept in, didn't shave, watched a lot of football, stuff like that. It's good to charge the batteries every now and then. Now I'm ready to kick off the new year with a bang. Last year, 2011, was a very good year for the Panama Guide website in terms of traffic and visitors. We saw a total of 878,349 unique visitors, had more than 1.9 million total visits to the website, delivered more than 21 million articles to the computer screens of our readers, generating more than 104 million hits to the server, while eating up 2,655 GB of bandwidth. And now 2012 promises to be even better. I would like to send out a special "thank you" to each and every one of our readers who keep coming back to this website for news and information about Panama. May you all have a very happy and prosperous 2012.

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