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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 12:30 PM EDT

Moncada Luna - New President of the Supreme Court

Law & LawyersAlejandro Moncada Luna is now the new President of the Supreme Court, replacing Aníbal Salas. Mocada Luna, who was appointed to the Supreme Court by president Ricardo Martinelli, was sworn in by Salas in the offices of the Presidency of the Court. In his speech, Moncada Luna said the Magistrates will have a fixed period of 10 years, and that after that time an assessment will be made, and if it is positive they will be given another ten years. (WTF?) He said they cannot continue to allow corruption in the judiciary. He said the judges will have a definite time to work, discuss and sign the resolution of a case, and he said no cases will be shelved. The Board of Directors of the Supreme Court will also have two Vice Presidents and a Secretary.

Earlier, the new judges of the Supreme Court of the First Civil Chamber and the Third Division of Administrative Litigation, Hernan Batista Antonio De Leon Sanchez and Luis Ramon Fabrega, respectively, took office today in a ceremony place in the Yellow Room of the Palace of the Herons. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: OK, Salas did the swearing in ceremony and now Moncada Luna is the new President of the Supreme Court. But where the hell did he come up with that thing about how Supreme Court justices will serve ten years, and then if they do a good job then they will have another ten years? What, he thinks he can change the constitution with a speech? No mention made in the article that Moncada Luna was simply making a suggestion or anything like that. No matter - all Supreme Court justices, including him, serve ten years on the bench and then they are replaced. And does Moncada Luna really think any sitting president will give up the power to name new Supreme Court justices to sit on the bench? Am I missing something? Is this an issue that's being discussed as a possible change to the constitution?

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