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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 11:47 PM UTC

Panama Will Participate In 21 International Business Expos in 2012

Money MattersContracts worth more than $31 million dollars were signed as a result of Panama's participation in 19 international fairs during 2011, said the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. During 2012 Panama is scheduled to participate in 21 international exhibitions in Europe, America, Asia, Canada, South America and the Caribbean. The presentations are focused on the agricultural sectors, agribusiness, artisan and industrial, and logistics. Data from the MICI indicates in 2011 the government spent $547,000 to participate in these international fairs. In 2011 exports increased to $660 million dollars, or $33.6 million more than in 2010 when there was $626 million dollars in exports.

Participation in these international fairs is coordinated between the MICI and the private sector, assessing the effectiveness of closing business deals at the fairs, allowing for new markets to be opened, said Jose Pacheco, the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade. The exporters are given support with logistics, among these, the location of the exhibition spaces at international events, he said. This year they will be participating in fairs for the sectors of fishing, logistics, crafts, specialty coffee, as well as seafood, Pacheco said.

Richard Barnett, the Director General of Export Promotion of the MICI said these kinds of fairs are positive. One example given was Fruitlogistica, which occurred in Germany, during which contracts were signed for the exportation of pineapples and melons, and an alliance was formed between the German company Don Limón and the irrigation systems of Remigio Rojas, in Alanje, Chiriquí. (Siglo)

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