Molinar: It Was A Legitimate Message

Saturday, January 14 2012 @ 05:20 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

The modernization of the education system in Panama was among the many issues raised during the recent Bishops Conference. Among those attending the activity was the Minister of Education, Lucy Molinar, who said this has been her goal since the first day she took office. "Of course, this is the task we have been working on since day one," she said. Molinar justified the Church's message Panama. "I think it's a legitimate statement, it's correct, from someone who cares about the country. I think we should all think about it," she said. The minister declined to comment on whether or not this statement would have anything to do with the latest developments in national politics, saying she made ​​a commitment to not allow these kinds of issues to intrude on education. "Despite the passion I have inside about it, I have to honor my word," said Molinar, who initially tried to shun the media as she left the conference of the bishops. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: I have no idea why the career journalist Lucy Molinar would try to "shun" or avoid the media. She just drips with credibility and respectability. One gets the impression she would rather have her left arm torn off and eaten by a puma, than to steal a single dime of the government's money. She does not want to get involved in the day to day political brawls (this week - the resignation of Bosco Vallarino) and she only wants to talk about improving the education system in Panama. Of course she knows the media will ask her about the political crap, simply because she's a minister on Martinelli's cabinet. However, she should just stand there, smile, and reply with "why are you asking me about that? I'm the Minister of Education. Would you like to talk about the new and modernized curriculum? The money we've spent to build new schools or improve the existing infrastructure? The universal scholarship program? Continuing education programs to improve the skills of our teachers?" In other words, ignore the politics, and talk about the improvements she has made to the education system, which are many and substantial. If she wanted to get political, she could start off with "You know, since the last two Ministers of Education from the PRD administration of Martin Torrijos were arrested and thrown in prison for embezzlement, we've been able to make a whole lot of progress to fix the damage they left behind..."

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