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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 03:31 AM UTC

Truckers Threaten To Close Paso Canoas International Border Crossing (Panama - Costa Rica)

Gold & MiningCarlos Argetta, a spokesman for the truck drivers stranded in San Felix, Chiriqui Province, announced they would close the international border crossing between Panama and Costa Rica at Paso Canoas at one o'clock, if the government does not resolve the request of the Indians of the region Ngäbe Bugle. "If the president fails to come to Paso Canoas we will proceed with the closure of Paso Canoas, where there are 50 articulated vehicles that will proceed to close the road," said the driver. Moreover, business groups in Chiriqui have asked the National Government to resolve the conflict. The Ngäbe Bugle Indians have kept the Interamerican Highway closed since Tuesday because of a Bill before the National Assembly that would regulate mining activity in the region which does not meet their aspirations. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: If Paso Canoas was closed, then nothing could get to David from the other side, either. See what the sign in the photo above says? "Mining and Hydroelectric Projects Get Out." There are no mining projects in the comarca. So, what projects are they talking about? Petaquilla and Inmet, even though they are not in the comarca. Nor were they included in the San Felix agreement negotiated last year. This is a politically motivated show, nothing more.

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