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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 10:46 PM UTC

Police Form Human Wall To Protect Super 99 From Protesters

Protests & Demonstrations"Based on what Article are they acting?" That is the question asked the lawyer Idalia Martinez, the coordinator of the organization Justice and Freedom, of the "civil society," when asked about the National Police taking custody of a Super 99 supermarket. This is the flagship or representative company of Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, who is a businessman and ruling since July 2009. Martinez, a member of the Human Rights Commission, said the Panamanian population sufers from insecurity, but security is only given to the companies owned by public servants without legal basis. In statements made to La Estrella, the lawyer complained that the government of Panama "already is not interested saving face and they show the country that there are those who are privileged and who have preferences for security." She said public servants can only do what the law allows and said state resources and public servants, including police officers, cannot be used to take care of a company linked to the president.

Today, Tuesday, 7 February 2012, during the march of the Indians, who left from the area of 24 Diciembre in the morning walking towards the National Assembly, police officers guarded the Super 99 supermarkets in Balboa, Rio Abajo, and there was a bus full of police officers stationed in front of the store located on Via Fernández de Córdoba in Vista Hermosa. Similarly, the Super 99 in Plaza Carolina, Juan Diaz, was also guarded by Panamanian police.

At the supermarket in Balboa there were 41 police officers present, who formed a human wall in front of the supermarket. Yesterday the door of the Super 99 supermarket in Calidonia was battered by the indigenous protesters from the May 5 Plaza, who are against mining. (Panama America)

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