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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 12:49 PM UTC

Discussions On Article 5 of Bill 415 Start This Afternoon In The National Assembly

Gold & MiningAt 2:00 pm this Wednesday, Feb. 8, the review of Article 5 of Bill 415 began in the National Assembly, which prohibits mining and hydroelectric projects in the comarca. The Chairman of the Committee on Trade and Economic Affairs, Raul Hernandez, said the meeting will be held in the Blue Room of the National Assembly. There will be present the component Members of the commission, the members of the Coalition in Defense of Resources and the Ngäbe Bugle People, and the authorities from the executive branch of government to see about the issue, said the Deputy from the ruling Democratic Change political party.

REVIEW - According to Hernandez, they will start today - once again - the discussions of that article. It had been deleted from Bill 415 which had already been approved in the first debate. However, Hernandez explained that, since Bill 415 had not been passed to the General Secretary for discussion by the full body of the National Assembly, it can be debated again at the committee level. In fact, he said the wording of the document can be improved. The important thing is that it will come up for discussion, he said.

'PROTESTS WERE UNNECESSARY' - Hernandez said he regretted everything that happened during the week-long indigenous protest calling for the inclusion of Article five. The deputy said all this was "unnecessary," since they could have met earlier. However, he stressed that "it's never too late if happiness is good." He said he has good expectations for this new dialogue. The agreement San Lorenzo 1, signed yesterday, February 7, in the province of Chiriqui, put an end to the indigenous demonstration that left at least one dead, dozens injured, 119 arrested and economic losses. (Prensa)

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